The Silver Seraph: BMW Designed

BMW, though not the oldest car manufacturer, has been doing business since 1916. With its long history, BMW cars, both new and used, are still highly sought-after because of their quality and durability. The company has not been without its struggles, as both World War I and II almost saw the company lost to Diamler Benz. The creators of BMW were Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, though Max Friz and Camillo Castiglioni also had a huge input regarding the company’s formation.

There are many prized BMW vehicles for sale through its history, but perhaps the most renowned vehicle was the Silver Seraph. The Silver Seraph was created as a joint venture between Rolls Royce and BMW. The prized vehicle had the body of Rolls Royce, but the engine of a BMW. The Silver Seraph first hit the market in 1998 and production lasted until 2002. The Silver Seraph was shown in the Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the 1997 Silver Spur.

The Rolls Royce factory, formerly in Crewe, England, finished its historic manufacturing run with the Silver Seraph in 2002, though it is currently producing the Bentley line of vehicle. When Rolls Royce was on the brink of financial insolvency, BMW and Volkswagen vied for the rights to the company. After a fierce bidding war, Volkswagen won the company, buying the rights to the Spirit of Ecstasy line and the grill shape, but they offered the Rolls Royce name and trademark to BMW. Hence, the BMW and Rolls Royce venture started with the Silver Seraph.

Volkswagen was allowed to use the Rolls Royce “RR” insignia on their cars until 2003. After, 2003, BMW moved to secure this trademark and brand their line of Seraph and Arnage cars. Volkswagen hence proceeded to emphasize their line of Bentleys over the Rolls Royce. For collectors and aficionados, this return of the logo to the Seraph especially was well received.

The Silver Seraph has a 5.4 litre, V12 engine, with a 5 speed automatic transmission. It was the first Rolls Royce since 1939 to feature a 12 cylinder block. The 1939 12 cylinder model was the Phantom III. The Silver Seraph and Bentley’s Arnage enjoy similar interiors and amenities. In fact, they both use Connolly Leather for the seats and dashboard. The Silver Seraph production produced only 1,570 cars during the 4 year period, making it one of the most sought after BMW cars for sale on the market today.

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