The Vehicle of The Future Could Possibly Be The Hybrid

For many, when trying to find a brand new car, you’ll find three usability issues they would think about. Between stops for gasoline, it must get at least 300 miles, it should be easy to refuel, and it should be able to catch up to other cars on the road. These qualities are common in all gas powered vehicles, however, the fuel economy is poor and they emit poisons in the air. When it comes to electric cars, many current models are only allowed to go up to 100 miles before charging and they do not go very fast.

Increasingly more people are turning to hybrid vehicles which attempt to marry the best qualities of gas powered cars and electric cars. Before we can describe a hybrid, we will need to determine what gas powered cars are and what electric cars are. A gas powered vehicle uses gasoline to power the engine which operates the transmission which then pushes the wheels. Inside an electric car, large batteries provide power to the engine which then causes the car to move. Thus for a hybrid car, it is a combination of both technologies. It adds to the mileage of the car, while removing most of the emissions from the gasoline, and at the same time gets rid of some of the disadvantages of the electric cars.

The hybrid car contains components that include a gas engine, which is smaller and more technically advanced for minimizing emissions and maximizing fuel. It works by using normal gas to power the gasoline engine. The electric powered motor inside the hybrid serves not merely as a motor, but also a generator. Additionally there is a generator that’s primary focus is to give electric power to the motor. The battery on the hybrid is used to not only power the car but store the excess energy that is being created. In essence, the electric motor is able to charge the battery while you drive. The transmission on the hybrid functions the same way as transmissions in traditional cars.

The energy sources used in hybrid cars are applied in two different ways. The first method is usually the parallel hybrid where there is a fuel tank for a gasoline engine and a battery for the electric motor. A series hybrid is the other one, where the gasoline engine drives the generator. The generator can either provide direct power to the electric motor or charge the batteries.

As the popularity of hybrids continue to go up and the cost of building them goes down, it will reach a point where there is no reason not to get a hybrid. You will discover that the air pollution produced will drop and the amount of fuel used will drop off dramtically.

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