Tips On How To Save Gas

by Rex Stevenson

If you want to live in the same style you did even a year ago then you need to learn how to save gas. When getting to your job and getting around becomes a priority you really need to focus on how to save gas. Gas costs over $4 a gallon, so we all need to save as much gas as we can and the following tips can help.

You can help the environment and save a ton of gas by installing one of the new HHO car modification system. These HHO gas modification systems have become very popular and there are several currently on the market. The systems give you instructions on how to assemble an HHO gas modification system to your car from average every day hardware store parts.

Install an HHO Car Modification System -Because there are so many people that want to save on gas there has been a huge development of HHO car modification systems. Such products advertise as water4gas, or run your car on water. These show people how to assemble HHO gas modifications systems from parts that can be found at any hardware store.

HHOs work in the following way. A small canister is mixed with water and bicarb of soda, this canister then get power from the battery and produces HHO gas which is sent to the manifold or carburetor. What you end up with is an increase in MPG, by about 30%.Users of HHO systems also say their engine seems to run more efficiently. Not only that but you also release fewer emissions into the environment.

Another way to save gas is to turn off your car when you are not driving. Don’t let your car sit in idle for even a minute . This will save you on gas. Some other basic car maintenance procedures will help you get more mileage out of your car.

* Get rid of any extra weight. Make sure the trunk and back seats are empty * Look at the pressure in your tires. They need to be inflated to the right pressure so your image will improve. * Turn off the air conditioning only when you are stopped in heavy traffic, but when highway driving be sure to turn it on. Rolling down your windows only creates drag and decreases your MPG * Don’t use any car racks so that everything is kept as aerodynamic as possible. * Wax and clean your car because friction caused by air will cause your car to slow down

Other things that have to do with maintenance will also help you save on gas. Make sure that you change your air filter every 10,000 miles, and make sure you get your oil changed on time. Get your car tuned and inspected as it should be, to keep it running well.

These tips can help you save gas, but you should also keep your tank full but not over full. Remember this is added weight and added weight drags your car. If you do all of these you wont be bothered so much by rising gas prices.

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