Tips On Testing Your Car Battery From Auto Repair Lincoln Park Area

Car batteries seem to die at the most inconvenient times, and most drivers don’t think of replacing them until they expire. Sometimes batteries fail without warning. They drain quickly if you leave the lights on for extended periods, and your car will make a buzzing or clicking noise when you try to start it. In other cases, your battery will show signs of decline before it fails completely. If you know what to look for, you can replace it before it stops working altogether. While you can have the battery tested by a qualified technician at an auto repair Lincoln Park service center, here are a few tips to help you check things out for yourself.

You can inspect the battery yourself. You can check the battery for a date code that will let you know when it was manufactured by the month and year. Any battery that is three years old should be replaced if it is not in good condition.

If no code is provided, inspect the battery for signs of age. If it looks old and you see white corrosion around the terminals, testing is in order, because this chalky substance may interfere with proper conduction of electricity.

If your car engine is cranking slowly, this is a sign that the battery is declining and needs to be replaced. You can also test your headlights by turning them on with the engine off and if they are dim then this is a sign the battery is near the end of its useful life.

Dead batteries usually result in the car not being able to be started at all. You may hear clicking sounds or nothing at all. It is always a good idea to carry jumper cables for emergencies on the road.

Although you can test the battery yourself, it’s best to let a professional replace it. The connections are difficult to take apart when they have become corroded. Plus, car batteries are unwieldy; installation shouldn’t be attempted by a novice.

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