Tips to Renting a Car in Las Vegas

Are you taking a vacation to Las Vegas? If so, getting around this city can be difficult if you don’t have a car. There is public transportation and taxis but distances in Las Vegas are farther apart than they appear and due to the high demand, taxis lines can be long. With a car you’ll be able to travel out of town to the border city of Prim and even the Grand Canyon. You will be able to come and go as you please and see and do things that you wouldn’t be able to with other forms of transportation. Here are some tips to renting a car in Las Vegas.

Since Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination there are many car rental companies to choose from. The majority of them have rental offices at the airport which is convenient especially if you’ll be renting a car your entire vacation and will be flying out of the Las Vegas airport. There are also rental offices in town which may be more convenient if you won’t be renting your car until later in your holiday. Car rental companies in town may also have better rates than ones located at the airport.

Types of Cars

Since Las Vegas is popular for vacationers as well as business people, there are various types of cars to choose from. There are compact and economy size cars as well as luxury cars. If you’ll be traveling to one of the nearby state parks and camping then there are minivans and SUV’s to choose from. If you’re looking for more excitement then many car companies offer specialty rentals such as sport cars and convertibles. There are some agencies that specialize in luxury sport cars such as Porsche and Ferrari.

Finding the Best Deal

To find the best deal on a Las Vegas rental car, use the internet to price compare. There are travel websites such as Travelocity and Orbitz that will show you available rates and models from various rental companies during the time you wish to rent. You can also book your plane tickets and hotel on these sites so they provide one-stop shopping. There is a nominal charge for booking on these sites which can be worth it for the convenience.

Partner Discounts

Many rental companies, airlines and hotel chains partner with each other so you should check with your hotel and airline. To receive the discount or special rate you’ll need a special rate code and enter it when booking your rental. If you don’t have the discount code then call the rental agency and ask for the discount.

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