Towing Silver Spring Tips On How To Safely Tow A Vehicle

Before you try to tow anything, it is important to know the capacity for towing silver spring unbraked weight and gross combination weight rating of your motorhome. For every 1000 pounds you carry a minimum of 10 horsepower is needed. There are a couple of things you have to check before you move the towed vehicle. These include checking the transmission fluid level is full, releasing the parking brake, starting the engine, shifting from park to drive, then shifting from drive to neutral, turning off the engine leaving the key in Accessory position and then ensure the radio and all other accessories are turned off.

When towing a vehicle remember to leave the key in Accessory position to prevent damaging the steering system when the steering wheel is locked. It is recommended by some to start the engine and shift the automatic transmission after every 500 miles and shift from drive to neutral when shutting off the engine.

Towing a vehicle with 4 wheels safely behind the motorhome requires a supplemental braking system which includes a break-away feature. Handling problems can be avoided by making sure the vehicle is towed with the towing bar as parallel to the ground as possible. By doing this you will prevent the vehicle from running under or riding up the back of the coach during a hard stop. This will also prevent excess stress on the hitch receiver as well as the vehicle mounting brackets.

Many of the newer cars have electronic odometers so there are no miles that are added up when being towed since the odometer only works if the key is in the on position. There are no electronic odometers in older car models which means the speedometer must be disabled to prevent adding up of miles as you tow the vehicle.

One should never back up while a vehicle is attached to the tow bar of the coach because this is the most common way to damage the towed vehicle or the tow bar. Also if you shift the car from reverse to neutral and then tow it while the drive wheels are on the ground, this will severely damage the automatic transmission.

To tow your car safely you need to follow a couple of steps. First you will have to locate a vehicle that is capable of towing your car for instance a large puck or SUV should not be towed by a sedan. This is followed by purchasing a suitable tow strap, chains should only be used for short distances because they do not stretch and could be dangerous if the links break. A polyester as well as a nylon strap should provide a much safer option.

The next step is finding a suitable place to attach the tow strap. The tow vehicle has a trailer ball so the problems lies with hooking the car being towed. A front bumper support or round frame member may be used though these vary with every vehicle. Then check the warning lamps, steering and brakes to ensure they are functioning properly.

While inspecting tow connections, take time to discuss signaling plans with the driver of the tow truck. Disengage the parking brake and then put the towed car on neutral. Make sure you are in line with the towing silver spring truck and steer in a straight track. By signaling turns you will be able to let the cars behind the towed vehicle know when you want to slow down.

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