Toyota truck 79-85 instaltion of IFS Steering box

Mounting an IFS steering box on a 1979 – 1985 Truck or 4Runner. First remove the original steering box, torque arm and bracket from the frame. This may require the use of an torch and or, a grinder to remove the Original steering box bracket. Once the bracket has been removed from The frame you can precede with the installation of the IFS box mount.

There are three bolts that hold the IFS box onto the frame. Two bolts go through the frame and one goes through a bracket Welded above the frame. You can purchase this bracket from any Toyota specialty site.

You must be careful when picking your mounting position – Too high and the pitman arm will hit the frame, too low and The leaf spring will hit the pitman arm, too far back and The tie rod will hit the drag link. So take caution on you placement.

1979-1983 vehicle frames are one inch shorter from the fire wall. This will have no significant effect on your placement of the IFS box. Place the steering box on the frame and move it forward until it Touches the body mount. Rotate the steering box so that the steering Shaft to the steering wheel is almost straight.

Rotate the pitman arm left to right and make sure there is no contact With the frame. Using the steering box as a template, mark the two Lower mount holes. Drill a hole through the frame and insert the Sleeves that are with the mount. The sleeves should be welded flush With the outside of the frame. Only a small weld will be possible On the outside of the sleeve. The sleeves will stick out on the inside Of the frame where you can get a good weld.

The inside of the frame is a little bit thinner that the outside so Be careful. With the box being held on with the two lower bolts, Position the upper bracket and modify as needed until all three Box mount bolts can be easily installed. Once in place the upper Bracket can be welded on. Bolt on the IFS box and connect the Trucks steering shaft to the new box. If the steering shaft needs To be lengthened then you will have to drill out the two plastic Plugs. Attach the factory power steering lines from the truck to The new IFS steering box and bleed the air from the system.

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