Ural Yamal Has Two-Wheel Drive, Sidecar And A Paddle

The brand new 2012 Ural Yamal Limited Edition, from Siberian manufacturer IMZ-Ural, may be the only motorbike and sidecar ever offered that comes with a paddle as standard equipment. This motorbike built for two is tooled for aggressive environments.

Perfect title for the combo

Yamal, which translates as “the end of the world,” is the name of a particularly unfriendly peninsula in Russia that is barren and perennially covered in ice. It is also the title of a well-known icebreaker ship, used to cruise in the most ice-bound of waters north of Siberia.

The cycle comes with orange paint on it and an image of the icebreaker ship on it. It seemed like the ideal image for the bike.

Stay alive longer

It is really tough bike, and this is because of all the special features in it.

There is a wide wind screen and guards on the bike as well as a 3M coating to defend both the bike and the driver from severe weather conditions. Another great feature is the dual fog lights on the sidecar to help when it is foggy out. When the road gets slick, the bike can turn into two wheel drive, and it has a spare knobby tire.

One more thing to help

The bike includes an oar to help you if you ever get stuck, though the sidecar does not turn into a boat you can use in the event there is a flood of some sort.

A motto could be found on the paddle. It claims:

In case of emergency:

– If you are reading this then you have wandered out too far, and the ice didn’t hold — we’re very sorry. In an effort to make it back alive, you might want to follow these survival suggestions:

– Abandon all hope — it will help you focus. – Detach sidecar, jump in, and then paddle like heck. – Rescue your dog — they’re better at finding their way home than you are. – Should you find yourself sinking, use your seat cushion as a flotation device.

And in the small print:

– Ural cannot be held responsible for global warming. – Water damage not covered under warranty. – This vehicle is not a boat, nor is the paddle or any part of the motorcycle intended to be used as a flotation device. – Survival may depend on other factors. Your wife was right, who goes fishing in winter?

Use the paddle to get rid of wildlife if you have to.

Head to a dealership and buy it

You cannot go to Howdy Honda in Austin, Texas, and find one of the 50 2012 Ural Yamal Limited Edition bikes. There are Ural dealerships across the country though.

Without the oar, the bike might be cheaper, but currently the MSRP is at $14,250.

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