Using A Water Fueled Car – Is It Possible ?

In an effort to reduce the pain being felt by consumers at the gas stations, every possible alternative fuel source is being explored. This even includes water as you may have seen with the many water for gas products on the market. Although the name is a bit misleading, water is the resource used to create hydrogen gas through the process of electrolysis. This gas can be used to power a car provided the necessary modifications have been made. Using specialized equipment you are able to separate the hydrogen from the water and inject it into your cars fuel system.

There are two common methods for obtaining automobile fuel from water. One type uses hydrogen gas as a complement to your car’s engine performance (which is powered by petroleum gas). The second typed is fueled by hydrogen gas which is produced either on or off the vehicle.

Hybrid hydrogen gas systems reduce the amount of gasoline your vehicle uses thus extending your miles per gallon while also reducing your vehicle emissions, as the combination of gas and hydrogen gives a cleaner burn, zero emissions fuel. When burned by itself with only oxygen, hydrogen emissions are just water vapor.

Kits for converting to water as fuel for cars range in price from less than a hundred dollars for plans to build your own system using easy to find parts from auto parts and hardware stores, to kits costing several thousand dollars that include everything needed to convert your vehicle. True water as fuel for cars systems convert your vehicle to one hundred percent hydrogen fuel. This type of system is the most expensive and complicated to install but when you are done your visits to the gas station are over. Using much larger water holding tanks, or fuel cells with internal hydrogen processing equipment, these systems typically require much more room in the vehicle to install.

In order to save gas in your vehicle you could either install a mini hydrogen plant in your vehicle for producing hydrogen or opt for a system that has the facility for storing hydrogen gas itself. However, the second option is practical only if you are located near hydrogen producing plant or fueling station. In this method, the hydrogen gas is produced in the plant or fueling station instead of in the vehicle.

Auto manufacturers like as Honda and BMW will likely feature storage tanks for extra water as fuel for cars as hydrogen fueling systems are not very common. These new hydrogen/gasoline hybrid systems will actually be the same type of gasoline engines currently in use that will be modified to allow the use of hydrogen gas as fuel.

Water as fuel is a safe technology but is not exactly how it sound in the description. It is about changing water to hydrogen gas, that is currently used in various applications, including space exploration, for over a hundred years with few major refinements unlike gasoline-powered vehicles. Though it will take some time before you see a hydrogen refueling station in your suburb using water as fuel for your car is a reality today.

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