Water4Gas Scam Challenge – Is It Another HHO Generator Scam?

by Gary Stern

“See your car’s mileage double or tripe-up while your fuel expenses crash down when you use water as your fuel.”

“Aha! Another scam!” I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking.

That’s exactly what I was telling myself when I visited the famed Water4Gas website.

Not only are they saying that you’ll dramatically cut down your fuel expenses and boost your car’s mileage. They even claim this to be a cut above the rest of the gas savers options out there even against hydrogen tanks!

Not to mention they’re claiming that with the HHO generators you’ll be creating with the Water4Gas manual, your car will soon be powered with hydrogen on-demandmeaning it’s supplied only when you need it.

Now that makes it sound SCAMMIER! I’m sure a lot of online buyers would agree to that. How many times have we stumbled upon online products that are pure hype with no content?

Using plain tap water as fuel and to create hydrogen for your car sounds too good for it to be true.

Think about it ? isn’t this stop for mechanical engineers and physicists? And this website is telling me I can create one with ease?

HOWEVER, the potential savings from the oil price that hikes every minute and the vision of seeing my car’s mileage step up to unprecedented heights was simply irresistible for me. I crumbled and drew out my credit card to get HHO generators’ manual by Water4Gas.

And I hate to admit even MORE that what they’re claiming on the website was TRUE.. every bit of it!

Here’s a glimpse of what I’m talking about – water (H2O) when broken down in its basic form is identical to the components of Brown’s Gas (HHO), which is 3 times as powerful and as efficient as ordinary gasoline.

With these truths and facts, the power of Water4Gas and the HHO generators you’ll soon be creating is undoubtedly head and shoulders above the rest of the gas savers known to man.

With the aid of the tools from your home’s toolbox, this DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit for designing powerful HHO generators will get your car ignited with ready-to-use, highly combustible, BUT safe hydrogen.

Through the electrolysis of water (and using your car’s batteries), the HHO generators you’ll be creating soon with the Water4Gas manual will breakdown water down to its basic structure – hydrogen and oxygen, and from there it will create the HHO you need.

And how wonderful are the results?

Let’s check out what I’m enjoying so far with my own HHO generator

– Savings of about $100/month from the ever-increasing price of gasoline.

– Clearer emissions and lesser pollutants

– It’s running smoother and quieter than before

As for the savings department, the figures keep increasing every month!

So what’s the verdict on this one? I don’t know about you BUT Water4Gas’ HHO generators manual is indeed worth every penny and has paid for itself many times over!

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