What Does A PCM Do In My Dodge Van?

One of the most important components of a car when it comes to the functioning of its fuel system is the car’s computer. As with your Dodge Ram Van PCM, there are so many elements that determine the amount of fuel needed by the engine like the quantity of air taken in, the transmission gear and the amount of throttle being applied etc. it is the car’s brain. In order for the Dodge Caravan to run, it must have the computer sometimes known as the ECU or PCM.

A Dodge Van simply will not run without the car computer or sometimes called a PCM or an ECU. Although these electronic devices are made to last for years, they occasionally burn out. However, there are some other troubleshooting procedures you can go through to determine the problem. Often it’s likely that one of the sensors that send information back to the computer has stopped working.

Without this information your computer will not have the necessary data to process certain functions. Say for instance your throttle sending unit doesn’t work; your dodge caravan computer will not have any idea how much fuel it needs to release to the engine to maintain the proper speed. In this case it is very possible your car will not function at all and may not even start.

The air flow sensor is another integral part of a car that works in conjunction with the car’s computer. Air that flows into the engine is measured by this sensor which then sends the information to the PCM in order for the correct amount of fuel to be released into the engine and mix with the air. When this sensor stops working, it is possible that the wrong amount of fuel is transmitted to the engine hence the car cannot run smoothly as expected.

In this kind of situation, gas goes to waste and so is the money used to buy it. In most cases, just as consumers usually think the problem is with the computer when the car fails, they are usually right. Even though this is usually the case, you must inspect all components of a Dodge Grand Caravan PCM before ordering it online.

When you car’s computer, sometimes called an ECM, stops working it could also simply mean you have blown a fuse. Fuses are put in place to protect the electronics in your car from surges. Not much different than your house other than car’s use fuses and most homes today use circuit breakers.

The first step when trying to determine a malfunctioned Ram Van’s PCM is inspection of the car’s fuse box. Diagram fuses and the electronic parts they are designed for are usually available in the Grand Caravans user manual. It can also be found on the fuse box’s cover.

Another consideration to determine why your car may be running rough in regards to the PCM is the software. Just like a home computer, sometimes the software can become corrupt and in this case you will have to take it to the dealer to find out for sure and have them re-flash your car’s computer which will reload the software onto the computer and hopefully fix your problem.

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