What’s Up With Recent Gas Prices ?

Will gas prices ever go down? That is the question that is on the mind of just about every car owner but also many business owners too. It might come down a bit but the chances of it returning to the levels of around a year ago are unlikely. Everyone is feeling the pinch, especially individuals who rely on their cars to commute to work but havent the extra cash to spend on a larger gasoline bill.

One reason for a possible decrease may be that the demand lessens. People will travel less or car pool more effectively. Cars may become more efficient with new fuels appearing on the horizon. Thus supply and demand factors will consequently keep prices stable, even if on the high side.

Despite a reduction in demand, one factor that will keep gas prices from going down is the cost of refining the gas to burn as cleanly as possible to meet ever-stringent emission standards set by law. Refineries will need updates, more research and development studies, more training of personal in new refining methods will all be among the list of excuses oil companies will offer for why the price of gas is so high.

It seems unlikely that the government will step in to help reduce gas prices, because there are simply too many competing political priorities. Indeed, if gas prices are to come down, it will happen because of ordinary people tired of anticipating will gas prices ever go down.

In an effort to save, people will spend less money on other things and travel less, causing further damage to our economy. People will buy cheaper, less nutritious food to save money, leading to higher health care expenses. More planning will need to be done for day-to-day activities, to reduce the amount of gasoline that people consume.

The most important thing people can do is to work the democratic process. Make sure your voice is heard by your elected officials. Everyone can complain to their friends and family but contacting your elected official can initiate real change. After all, your tax money pays their salaries, so they should be working for you to represent your interests. The problem is that they are also listening to oil lobbyists, but hearing from their constituents in a large group can make a difference.

It seems unlikely that gas prices will ever fall to the levels that they once where. When something goes up, it never seems to go down does it ? However, the groundswell of people seeking change may force our nation’s leaders to devise strategies to keep prices from rising further. and it may also convince them to put some long term strategies in place to ensure that the country is not as dependent of gas prices as it currently is.

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