Why Doesn’t “Big Oil” Want you to Know about Water Fuel?

As gas prices continue to rise, being able to afford many of life’s necessities becomes much more difficult. Until car or gas companies find better ways to utilize gas and lower the cost, anything we can do to help relieve some of the high gas prices by improving your cars MPG is incredibly useful.

Purchase your gas when it is cold outside, because the cold causes the gasoline to concentrate. During warmer weather, gas expands which gives the pump the impression that more gas is coming out, when it reality the gas is simply expanded – not greater. If you would like to get more gas for less money, purchasing it when the gas is contracted is one way to save money on gas.

Keep your tires inflated – Deflated tires are one of the number one causes of significantly reduced gas mileage. Up to 25% of your gas mileage can be lost simply because you have a tire that is not filled with air. Check your tires regularly to ensure they are working properly. It costs only a dollar to fill a tire, but it can cause almost five hundred dollars or more to leave it deflated.

Always drive between 30 and 60 miles per hour. Cars were designed to be driven at these speeds. Slower speeds cause the same amount of strain on your engine as faster speeds, but obviously you are not travelling as far. Faster speeds cause your engine to work harder, thus causing it more stress and, eventually, more gas.

One final lesser known method of relief from the high gas prices is a way to run your car on water that has been sweeping the nation. From the idea of Hydrogen technology comes HHO gas – an alternative power source designed to use water (standard H20) to improve the MPG of your non-hybrid engine.

Known as HHO technology, car owners across the nation have used these water car systems to experience significant relief from high gas prices saving thousands of dollars each year and improving the lifetime and health of their engine. And since these supplements can be created with simple parts you may already have in your house, anyone has the opportunity to benefit.

This new form of alternative fuel works by extracting hydrogen particles from ordinary tap water and placing it in your engine to be used as fuel. This way your car is receiving power from both hydrogen cells and gasoline, allowing it to work much better and be far more cost efficient.

With a little bit of instruction, you can run your car on water and experience the savings and gas relief that have already helped thousands of others across the country. If you are looking for a way to save money at the pump, consider these supplements your best bet for improving your gas mileage.

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