Your Choices After Getting A Texas Traffic Fine?

You Have A few Ways to Handle a Texas Ticket – One is to Take a Texas Defensive Driving Class.

Who Has Authority Over Your Texas Ticket?

Traffic tickets given by a state of Texas DPS officer (Highway Patrol), or a County officer, your ticket is routinely handled by one of the Justice of the Peace Courts of the County in which it was issued. Municipal-issued tickets will be governed by rules of that Town and handled by their Civil Courts.

How To Handle the Ticket?

You have several optionss on what to do with thetraffic ticket you receive. You may essentially pay-up, fight it, or take a defensive driving class.

Details: You may plead guilty and pay the required fine and court costs; you might plead innocent and make a request for a trial (by jury or by the judge); you can plead “Nolo Contendere” and pay a fine. This plea means you aren’t pleading guilty, but it’s handled almost like a plea of guilty. In any of these cases, you should find advice of an attorney with a specialty in traffic cases.

A final option you have though is to ask the court to dismiss the ticket by taking a Defensive Driving Class.

How to Take a Texas Defensive Driving Class?

Before it is possible to take a defensive driving class for ticket dismissal, you must get the court’s approval to take the class. Do Not take the class before getting this approval. You’ve got to pay court costs though…you don’t get off free by taking the class. Once you receive written authorization to take the class (which gives an extended period of time to take the class) you may take any defensive driving class accepted by Texas. Your class provider will give you the Texas authorized school and course number. You can take this class in a school room setting or take it online. Whichever is more convenient for you.

An internet Defensive Driving Class has one huge advantage: You can take the class completely at your convenience. You are not locked into a place and time. You’ll start and stop at any time, as frequently as you wish. You don’t have to drive somewhere to take it. Just do it at home, school, or office.

Once you have finished the course and taken the test (passing by 70%) you receive your Certificate of Completion from the class. This certificate is then sent back to the court and your ticket is dismissed. You need to also submit to the court a certified copy of your driving record.

When you Cannot take the Defensive Driving Class for ticket dismissal.

The court has to give okay to take the class for Texas traffic ticket dismissal, but there are several cases in which you can’t get the ticket dismissed: Speeding 25 mph over the speed limit; if you’ve got a commercial drivers license (CDL); or for several egregious acts like DWI.

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