Casual Gaming scene invaded by Chickens

Okay, by now you know that printing and distributing a catalog will help you sell your product. You have chosen how you want to design your catalog but you have some printing questions. In this article I will help you explore all of your options and give you some catalog printing tips you can use.

Here we feel it is our responsibility to tell you more about some of these Chicken Games and we don’t mean games for those who feel scared of something, these games actually feature awesomely entertaining animated chickens.

The Internet is the principal way of distributing casual games. Having downloaded a game and installed it, you can start playing immediately. It’s the “shareware” principle, or “try before buy”. You can check it out before buying and decide if you want it or not. It’s an advantage in comparison with classic games, when one buys a game on a basis of indirect information about it. Purchasing of casual games is simple as well and could be done on-line. After that the user receives fully functional game without any restrictions.

As a rule, dedicated game portals deal with game distribution in the Internet. Developers themselves can distribute their products, but it takes a lot of time and efforts. The smartest way is to entrust it to professionals.

Our company Fenomen Games is dealing with distribution of casual games, thoroughly chosen all over the Internet, and is a striking example of a game portal. Our collection has been sorted and games put into genres, so that you can find what you want in an easy way. We follow new ideas in casual games industry, and try to provide users with the newest and interesting games.

We invite you to have a look around our site as we feel confident that we have many games that will interest you and worth your time.

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