The Benefits Of Using Electronic Article Surveillance

Shoplifting is a major concern for retail store owners. It can affect the profit earned by the store. It can reduce the potential of profit because you would not have merchandise left to sell. A good business owner would have to employ means to safeguard the source of his income and those of his employee. There are technologies that have been developed to make security easier. Installing electronic article surveillance on merchandise is one effective way to safeguard them.

EAS is a development in technology that aims to prevent shoplifting. There are tags being fixed to merchandise that will be removed upon purchase. Scanners are positioned at exits of the store that will detect these tags when brought out. They would sound the alarm that alerts staff of the possible theft. Aside from tags, wired chips may also be used.

There are several benefits to their use in the retail stores. One would be the decrease on customer theft as well as staff fraud. Making people aware that there are challenges to executing their plan on lifting your goods would make them forgo it. Seeing that there is that risk of getting caught would discourage them from committing the crime.

When a theft does occur, you can be sure that you can stop it because alarms will go off. The attention of your staff can then be brought to the person trying to take away your goods. You just have to make sure that there is enough man power in your store to chase after a fleeing culprit and still have someone to man your counters.

You also would not need to hire more staff than necessary. It is important for you to have enough but having EAS would eliminate the need to have someone to monitor the customers while they shop. This would give you more savings.

There are a lot of choices for the kind of device too. You can choose between hard tags and wired chips. You also have a choice of concealed or visible tags. There is a choice with how theft is prevented. It would be ideal to have place concealed tags as a safety when hard tags are deactivated by shoplifters. This is very useful in high value items sold.

There are also manufacturers who tag their merchandise prior to distribution. This will lessen expenditures and man hour spent on attaching tags in store. Source tagging would allow tags to get concealed and they are more difficult to detach.

It is really important you safeguard your investments. Operating a store is hard enough. You need to make sure that everything is secure. You need employees you can trust and you need systems that make your store safer from shoplifters. There are many advancements that will help with that and it is beneficial that you make use of them.

Keeping a profit would help you grow the business. Making use of systems help to keep it that way would be wise and is necessary. The electronic article surveillance is a very important component to your stores’ security and is imperative to have for retail store operators.

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