Best Desktop Computers For 2012

If I request you a question what is the best desktop computers with regard to 2012 nowadays, can you produce the exact and right answer? Although this is a simple question, however i believe the answer is not as easy as the question. Each person has his/her favorite desktop computer. There are various types of computers such as the desktop computers, laptop computer, or netbook. Which one is more suitable for you? Surely we can adjust it to the needs as well as which one is more comfortable. But in this article, I will have a restriction only to desktop computers. If we want to compare desktop computers and laptops, we surely cant get the answer since the main function of those kind computers is different. Laptop may be the mobility computer and personal computers dont have that ability. Desktop computer can be simply upgraded and laptop cant. Therefore if we want to compare, we can only compare the desktop computer along with desktop computer and laptop with laptop.
So how can we determine which is the best desktop computers for 2012? It may come from popular desktop computer brands such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, Acer, Wearnes, Apple, Asus, etc. Because everybody has their very own opinion about which one is the best desktop computer, so we should determine some standards to measure it. The best way is we should evaluate the features and specifications of each desktop computer and we must compare them with their prices as well. There are some tips that you can follow to find out which the best desktop computers are for 2012.
If you want a powerful personal computer, desktop computer is your best choice. With its great casing and power, you can put 4 hard drives every with a size of 1 TB (Terabyte) or even more, 2 or more DVD writer, and so on. The number of interface allows you to connect with a printer, scanner (or use an all in one at a time), and so on. In addition, this desktop computer isnt easily stolen such as laptop computer o tablet pc. So it gives you a sense of security.
The drawback to desktop computer is not easily used anywhere and it is less ideal for those of you who constantly transfer from one place to another. Prior to a buying desktop computer, you should look at some factors such as what is the processor? What is the speed? What size the hard drive? How about the RAM? In addition to processors, RAM also determines the speed of the computer. Although the speed of three GHz processor is good, but if the RAM less than 1 Gigabyte, then the performance is much less good. Consider this especially if you use the latest operating systems like Windows 7 and above. Through considering all of these factors, there is a best desktop computer that will be ideal for your personal or business usage.

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