NFC Digital Sign a Technological Overview

The NFC Digital Sign is a good emerging market technology that will soon be a mainstream way of presenting Out of house signage (OOH). Using an NFC Digital Sign being an OOH medium has several benefits for both the consumer and the advertiser. This article will give a summary of the NFC Digital Signage technology, and how it can be used in the marketing globe.

Digital signs are utilized in various places across the customer world. They can be utilized in airports, malls, as menu boards, wayfinder solutions, shopping plazas. Everywhere a paper sign may be used, could eventually be replaced having a NFC Digital Signage. The NFC technolgy first was introduced to mobile phones a couple of years ago, but its use hasnt yet caught on using the basic user. New cell phones being released are all going to have the NFC technology built within. According to some data, current there are 11 million mobile phones in use with NFC technologies. This is projected to increase to over a 100 zillion by 2015. The most developed and advertised use using the NFC technology is with mobile payments, not yet NFC Digital Signage. Digital Signage is good because the upfront costs may become more expensive, but the ability in order to update the ad remotely, and collect valuable info, makes the return upon investment in digital signage worth it.

A potential market with regard to NFC Digital Signage

NFC Digital Sinage: Potential Uses

With an NFC Digital Sign, benefits can be utilized by both the consumer and the advertiser. The benefits that an NFC Digital Sign supply the consumer include, supplemental information about the merchandise, coupons, discounts, rewards member benefits, customer interaction. Incentives including store discounts and coupons will encourage the consumer to use there phone to retrieve more information from the digital Sign. An NFC digital sign also has many benefits for the advertiser. The owner of the NFC Digital Sign will be able to increase the price for that section that has the NFC technology, with a sign along with multiple advertisment areas. The information they get concerning the consumer that the nfc digital signage collects will be extremely valuable. The will be able to remotely collect information about how many times a phone was scanned, the media that was shared, and also possibly other information from internet sites about age, sex, interests. This data that a good NFC digital sign gathers, will alone make the investment worth while for the advertiser.

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nfc digital signage

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