IBuzzPro Tops List for MLM Marketing Prospect Recruiting

by Matthew Loop

The competition in the world of MLM’s is getting tougher each year as more people are drawn to the flexibility, freedom, and financial rewards that come from being their own boss. To set themselves apart from their competitors, high level business owners are looking toward innovative marketing solutions. The emphasis is on effectiveness rather than cost, since anyone who has been successful with an MLM will tell you-the payoff for securing your target market is enormous. Some MLM owners have recently discovered Voice Broadcasting or Voice Blasting as a way to gain a bigger share of their market.

Thousands of small businesses around the world have caught on to the innovative software which provides them with a system of generating highly targeted leads. Say goodbye to the days of cold calling for hours with no success. iBuzzPro gives you a steady stream laser-targeted and pre-qualified prospects.

How can you employ the technology of voice broadcasting, and still take into consideration the interest level of your prospects? One such solution is through iBuzzPro software. This system generates targeted lists of leads, providing you with contact information for individuals who you know have an interest in your product-and in a cost-effective manner.

In the past, MLM’s or home-based businesses paid a premium for mass voice broadcasting services. In addition to the service costs, there were additional per-minute charges, per-dial fees, and other costs.

iBuzzPro gives you lead lists which will help you avoid wasting time on random phone calls. Furthermore, the cost of the software is about one-third the cost of a traditional bulk voice blasting campaign. iBuzzPro does not charge for phone calls that do not connect or charge you for calls placed against the DNC lists.

To top off the long list of features, IBuzzPro is also very cost-effective to install and get going. You only get charged $500 for the software, plus an initial $50 set-up fee, then only $28 / month to keep the service intact. The good thing is that the system is step-by-step and on-demand webinars are available. The interface that was created is simple to operate, which makes setting-up the system hassle-free. Really, all you need to do is create a voice recording then upload the recording and targeted lead list and schedule the phone broadcast.

In my opinion, iBuzzPro is one of the best overall marketing options for a small business. The targeted leads and wide broadcast makes it an extremely beneficial alternative to traditional voice broadcasting, or other kinds of marketing campaigns. In fact, the quality of the service and the value it brings to the company using it makes it a viable option for larger, established businesses as well.

Voice broadcasting can be effective, but for small businesses, MLM’s, and entrepreneurs it can be cost prohibitive. IBuzzPro is an affordable, viable solution that gives everyone access to powerful marketing tools regardless of their budget, time limits, or experience.

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