The Uses of a CD Burning Program

CD burners aren’t new, but some people still don’t have good CD burning tools that will help them to do a myriad of things. Below you’ll find a short article about why a DVD Backup Program will benefit you.

1. Duplicating your CD or making a backup

If you are afraid of scratching or breaking your original disc, you can make a copy of it onto a blank CD. Just remember that it’s illegal to give out copied discs to a third party, so make sure that you only keep it for your own use.

2. Copying your CD contents to the hard drive

Music & DVD / video CDs are a bit different to normal data holding ones. They have different types of files in there that aren’t always recognizable as MP3 or normal video file types. So you usually need a special program (in this case, the CD burning tool) that can copy and convert the files into a happier filetype that your computer can love and understand.

Keep this in mind: If you try to copy and paste an audio CD directly to your computer, you’ll have tiny files that don’t do anything. This is where the huge demand of the ripping market exploded. Everybody wanted to rip their songs from their CDs to play on their computers.

3. Writing video or music from your computer

If you are currently on a Windows XP or higher platform, or a newer Mac computer, the software tools you need to burn a normal CD (MP3, or a data-CD) will be available to you already. But if you want to do something more complex, like convert an MP4 to a DVD type CD… then you might need something specific.

You don’t necessarily have to re-write the contents to a CD immediately, either. So if you are only interested in making sure that you have a working backup of whatever you want saved, you can simply keep it on your HD until you need to burn it again.

Just to hammer this point home: If you are backing up a CD or DVD or something, don’t feel compelled to write them to a disc now. Leave them on your hard drive if you want. But make sure you don’t delete it on accident, and definitely make sure you have some sort of restoration software or something in case your hard drive dies on you.

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