Customizable Flash Games: Be A Monkey

Paper shredders are machines that allow the shredding of any paper to tiny pieces or very fine strips. Paper shredders are commonly used by individuals or groups that need to destroy classified documents that may prove to be of danger to themselves or to their group. These documents are cut into tiny pieces so that no one attempting to read them will succeed in doing so. Experts in the field of privacy will often advise individuals to destroy some of their personal documents like account statements, bills or other important files that cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of anyone.

Any to Icon was written to make icon design extremely easy. Why spend time on manual design if you already have an image collection well suited for icons? In that case, Any to Icon will get the job done in a few seconds. All you need to do is select a picture, define icon parameters and start the conversion process. That’s it! You’ve just made a sleek icon! Such an approach allows you to reach high productivity and still fascinate end-users with icon quality.

Does anyone remember how bad we treated substitute teachers in school? Honestly, it seems pretty cruel to think of how students act when there is a sub in the classroom. Spitballs slapped the chalkboard, pencils stuck down from the acoustic ceiling tiles, and even disgusting sounds were made behind the teacher’s back. These are just a few of the classroom assault tactics that we are familiar with. I mean, think about it. Your boss or teacher is driving you nuts. In fact, they are annoying just about everyone. What better way to have some fun at their expense than by pasting their faces on a dancing elf? Now that we are armed with free weapons of ridicule on our PC that give us a harmless, yet hilarious platform for hours of endless fun, we can put down the erasers and let everyone in on the joke.

These types of flash games are fun for a small audience. But why stop there? We can now feature a bald Britney Spears, or a jailed Paris Hilton in our spoofs, for the entire world to see on sites such as Youtube. Why limit the viewing audience to a small handful? It is much more fun for millions of people to see our creations. Isn’t having your productions seen by the world, the new wave of the internet?

What is yet to come in flash media? 3d flash games are just around the corner. There’ll be nothing like being ‘in the game’. While sporting a nifty pair of 3d glasses and experiencing animation like never before, the PC gamer will get to see quite an improvement since the Jaws 3d movie debuted. Hopefully with the purchase of a PC Gamer magazine, we’ll get to play shorts created by the likes of Halo and Starcraft animation teams. These companies, who are already leading the pack in the design of action console games, will give you a 3d glimpse of their games in flash format to reach out to new online customers.

What is already here? Current technology has recently been responsible for design of a powerful development library, which allows creation of Macromedia Flash and Java based flash games and applications with advanced motion detection capability. In simple terms, this means users can play 80s classic Breakout, using only their hands to bat the ball and hit the blocks. Other games let you play simply by waving your hand in front of a webcam, such as an Air Drums game.

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