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To design a better search experiences among the consumers, its vital to understand the complexities of information seeking behavior of human. A model information behavior should be developed with reference to the analysis of the information requirements of the consumers. In this text, the function of site searching context, evaluating the needs and consumer search patterns of these applications and websites which are consumer oriented is discussed in details.

The controllers of the site usually introduce varied forms of information needs to those in the enterprise. Therefore, there are various crucial information behavior which is required to satisfy the needs of the consumers. The users are often interested on simple tasks which are contrasting the complex ones.

To facilitate the searching process, there are parameters called search modes which help in validation and confirmation of these items or set of data which are being searched. The first mode is called locating mode. It deals with specifications of the item or set of data which is to be taken through this enterprise. It increases the searchability of those items.

Next, verify. Verification is done to ascertain that the item in question satisfies some particular, objective criterion. Often, its combined with locating and it is majorly deals with validation of the accuracy of data items.

Thirdly is monitoring. The purpose of this mode is to maintain the awareness of the item status for control and management reasons. It mainly focuses on the state of responsiveness of asynchronous. Upon monitoring the items are taken through another mode of comparison which involves comparing them with other sets of items to get the differences and similarities. Its often employed in ecommerce.

The next mode which assists in generating independent insights through interpreting patterns with items is called comprehension. It focuses mainly on getting to know the types of services the competitors are offering. Its a key mode in enterprise search situations and often occurs in the site.

Another one is explore and it entails investigating the item for the purpose of discovering knowledge. The boundaries here are sometimes less prescribed than the rest but its open ended an opportunistic browsing and search enterprise.

Sometime, an item or a set of items may be subjected to examination to identify how they are related and the pattern of their relationship as well. When this is done, the mode behind it is called analysis. A typical example, it can be employed to know the strength of the market as either weak or strong. It also plays a significance role in interactive information pattern for lawyers. It is mostly employed to find detailed examination of items during information seeking duration.

The second last aspect is known as evaluation. It is concerned with employing judgment to determine the value of items based on a given goal. It almost resembles verify mode. The difference is that the judgment is knowledge based.

Lastly is synthesis whose purpose is to come up with a composite artifacts or novel from various inputs. It is commonly linked to the use of information in a broad sense.

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