Fix Your Blue Screen Of Death In Windows

by Michael Baker

Is your computer affected with the problem of Blue Screen of Death? This problem does not occur much in the Windows XP operating system, but still there are chances that it may happen which is a headache to face. It may help rebooting the computer, but it does not guarantee the non occurrence of Blue Screen of Death in the future. It is a very tiresome job to deal with the problem of Blue Screen of Death.

What is the blue screen of death anyway? First off, it would probably help if we really understood what this is. By its name alone we would imagine that it is a problem so serious that we might as well go off and chuck the whole computer in the trash bin. But it really isn’t as bad as you think.

The Blue Screen of Death is just a message which shows that the working of Windows has been interrupted. It appears on the screen whenever windows encounter some error and does not get back to normal till you do something. Some sort of numbers appears on the blue screen in Windows XP, which helps during the troubleshooting of the computer. So, you must write the numbers down which come written on the screen that occurs more than one time.

In such an instance when blue screen appears on you r computer, and your computer is not taking a restart, then press the F8 key when the windows is booting and take the computer into the safe mode. If the computer goes well into the safe mode, then it implies that the software or the device drivers are the ones causing the problems. Try to reboot the computer again, and this time by pressing the key F8, choose for the last known good configuration mode instead of choosing the safe mode. This may help in getting you back to the windows. It if happens, download a windows registry cleaner, install it and then run it in the computer. It solves all the problems in the windows registry files.

If you continue getting the blue screen of death and you have just installed new hardware or a new software program, then try removing the hardware and uninstalling the device drivers, afterwards you can reinstall the drivers again.

Even if the Blue Screen of Death still persists, after uninstalling the drivers, then it is very much possible that there is a fault in the hardware. A repair person must be called in such a case as it could be anything related to the hardware. The power connection may be faulty, low RAM memory or improper motherboard.

You must write down the number which are displayed on the blue screen and let the service person know about it. The numbers help him in finding the main cause in your computer which is causing the blue screen to appear.

Blue Screens were most frequent in Windows 95 and Windows 98, and are not so frequent in other windows, but when they occur, it is a real tiresome experience. Luckily, there is a solution to the erroneous Blue Screen of Death which saves the effort of buying a new computer.

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