Fixing Windows 98 And The Blue Screen Of Death

by Rex Simpleton

At times, a computer user who has installed Windows 98 in his computer may come across the much feared blue screen. The blue screen may have been encountered more than once in the Windows 98. Blue screen or death is a synchronous term with Windows 98 as it was the biggest programming error in Windows 98 system. It shows that there is some problem in the registry files whenever the blue screen of death appears on the computer.

What is the registry?

The registry system is one of the major components of the windows. When the files contained in the registry get corrupted or missing, it makes the Windows 98 to hang. The windows introduced after Windows 98 are designed to handle this situation by not going into the blue screen of death. But running windows 98 in the computer is not of that much help, or is it?

Windows Registry Cleaner

There is a simple method to fix the errors in the registry. A windows utility cleaner could be easily downloaded from the net which easily fixes the problems in registry files which prevents the blue screen from appearing on the computer. Many kinds of registry cleaner utility software are available. They are different in their working but most of them work efficiently.

You could manually fix the windows registry, but you need to remember that this a very important windows database, and any file that you delete that you shouldn’t, could disable your system, causing you to lose all your data.

The best way of doing this is to get a registry utility cleaner from the internet. These types of programs are very easy to find and download from the internet by searching on the keyword over Google.

How to use a Registry Cleaner in Windows 98?

It does not take much of a time and is very simple to run the registry cleaner program. You just have to download the software normally and then run it. The registry provides the user with the number of errors found and an option to correct them. It is recommended that you take a backup of the registry files in case if some files are deleted by the program so that they can be put back to the registry.

What if You Still Get Blue Screens

There may be instances when one still gets a blue screen appearing on the computer even after repairing the registry files, which indicates some other problem. To sort out this, you need to think as what caused the blue screen to appear at first place. Installation of new hardware or software may also cause the blue screen to appear. If this is the reason, then that particular device driver must be uninstalled and not used and some other driver may be installed.

If you haven’t done anything different then you probably have a hardware problem. Your memory could either be bad, or you may need to add memory. Your hard drive may be failing. There are several hard drive scanning programs you can find on the internet that can help you determine, if its your hard drive that is failing.

Generally speaking though most windows 98 and blue screen of death problems occur because of corrupt registry files, so once you have run a registry cleaner, the problem should clear up.

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