How to Own The Best Laptops Now

1. Price. You must not be surprised that laptop computers are more expensive than desktops so you should state how much your budget is and stick to it.

2. Size Laptops come in different screen size and thickness. So, if you require portability, then you can buy a smaller one around 10 inches wide. But, if you will be working in a fixed place and only requires lesser portability, then you can choose the 15-19 inch laptops.

3. Brand DELL, HP, LENOVO and ASUS are just few of the laptop brands out there and these ones are the most durable and have the least computer breakdowns.

After discussing the aesthetic parts and company guarantee of laptops, here are other important things that you should know to help you decide what to buy:

1.Central Processor Unit (CPU): Since the CPU refers to the speed of your laptop, you should think about how fast would you want your laptop to be. If you only use your laptop for basic things like doing reports and process data files, then a slower sped would be ok. But if you will be using your laptop for high-end stuffs like images and videos, you will need a faster CPU.

2.Memory Cards: AN average user is ok with a 2GB memory card but if you consider yourself an above average user, like someone who multi-tasks and opens a lot of applications at once, then a 2GB laptop is not enough for you and you should opt for one that has a higher memory.

3.Hard Drive: If you plan on saving or downloading movies and audio files apart from the data files that you have, then you should opt for a bigger storage like a 400GB hard drive.

4.Operating System (OS): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X which only runs on Apple computers, and Linux are just the few of the Operating Software in the market. The OS is the base software that is running on your computer.

5.Wireless network card: This refers to a card which will allow you to detect and connect to an internet wireless connection.

6.Optical Disk Drive: If you want to watch dvd movies or have files saved on cds then you shoulld buy a laptop which has an optical disk drive and shun away from netbooks and notebooks though you can still buy an external optical disk drive.

These are the basic features of a laptop and this Best Rated Laptops Guide is to help you decide what to look for in a laptop. With these tips, you will now be able to buy the laptop that really suits your needs.

What makes a Best Rated Laptop. Buying a laptop is enjoyable but also baffling as a result of the new versions and make that arrives each year. This is why you ought to know how to determine the most suitable one for you and the best thing to do to know what laptop to purchase is to look at the Best Rated Laptops Guide.

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