How To Save Money on Cartridges for Inkjet Printers

by Frank Bolsom

Anyone who has ever had to buy a cartridge for an inkjet printer at their business knows that they are not cheap at all. And Businesses need to be able to print a host of paperwork throughout the day like invoices, announcements, and reports.

Ink cartridges in printers used at a place of business wind up needing to be changed more often, since they are also used day after day, constantly. Buying ink cartridges from an office supply store in the area can become extremely expensive. Ordering ink cartridges for your business’s printers online can turn out to be a much cheaper solution.

Buying printer ink on the Internet can save you money for two big reasons. Since online stores that sell ink have a lower overhead, they are able to offer much lower prices than other shops or manufacturers who use their own special brand of ink. An online ink retailer hopes to sell enough to make up for the savings they offer their customers.

Recycled or remanufactured ink cartridges sold under a generic brand name, are another option to lower the cost of your business’s printing.

Remanufactured ink cartridges are original manufacturer cartridges that, after having been used up, were thoroughly cleaned, refilled with generic ink, and tested to insure quality. They are at the same quality level as the original cartridges.

In recent years the remanufacturing process has improved greatly over the way it was once conducted. The grand majority of individuals who use remanufactured ink cartridges claim that their results are equal to if not better than results with the original ink cartridges.

One USA Today article said that the price of remanufactured ink cartridges is 85% less than that of their original counterparts. Just imagine the savings that could build up by using remanufactured cartridges for several months or years!

Businesses, especially offices, need to be able to print countless documents. To do so, they need lots of printer ink. Saving money on ink cartridges is a great way to reduce the total operating cost of your business.

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