Long Island Advertising Agencies: The Chatbots Pros And Cons To Know

Chatbots, for those not in the know, are computerized systems designed to communicate with users. These are especially common on websites that offer services, which include social media and ecommerce platforms. With that said, if you want to discuss chatbots at length, it’s important to take the good with the bad. Here are just a few of their pros & cons that Long Island advertising agencies will be able to discuss.

PRO – They are quick to answer you. Chatbots are known for many qualities, but their response time may be the most obvious. Companies such as fishbat can tell you that they can respond to a number of questions related to products and services alike. Users are then granted responses that inform them as best as possible. This sense of immediacy cannot be ignored, not only by potential customers but Long Island advertising agencies as well.

CON – Their speech patterns might come across as unorthodox. While there are many speech patterns in the English language, chatbots have been criticized for coming across as overly robotic. This can take away from one’s experience on a website. More often than should be the case, chatbots speak in ways that the majority of human beings are unfamiliar with. This is a shortcoming that deserves to be noted.

PRO – They are minimal from a design standpoint. While you may think that minimalism hinders chatbots, it can be argued that such a quality works to their benefit. After all, digital media has evolved to such a degree that simplicity actually helps programs stand out. When there’s less for the human mind to register, better user experiences come about. Anyone that has developed a chatbot can tell you the same.

CON – They aren’t the same as true human experiences. Despite the usefulness that chatbots can offer, the truth is that they cannot compare to human experiences. When you’re speaking to an actual person over the phone, for example, you receive the impression that your concerns are taken seriously. This feeling is likely to be lost if a business relies on chatbots alone. While these programs should be implemented, true human interaction shouldn’t be overlooked by proxy.

If you are interested in employing a Long Island advertising agency, consult fishbat for details.

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