Microsoft strikes again, the dreaded red ring of death

by Jimmie Roberts

After years of highly pleasurable gaming on your Xbox 360 it finally happens, the awful red rings of death. Those three blinking lights that spell doom for your gaming addiction. Rather than throwing the expensive brick through a wall, what are your options?

Your first option that you might think about would be to buy a brand new xbox. Now that the prices have dropped, and the console is only $299 it’s a viable option. Definitely cheaper than the first console you bought on Ebay for $600. One of the benefits of the newer versions of 360s is the addition of HDMI output. Definitely more compatible with the newer Plasma and LCD screens out there, plus it allows multiple HD inputs with the HDMI cables. Versus usually only one HD Component cable connection per tv.

Another bit of good news with buying a new 360 is that the hard drives are larger as well. Gone are the miniscule 20gb hard drives, now you can get 60gb with the Xbox basic, and 120gb with the elite. Not a bad upgrade at all.

Microsoft also claims that with the new Xbox 360s they’ve made some of the chips smaller which should reduce overheating. And it does appear that the first models that came out almost all failed while the newer versions have gotten quite good. We’ll see if they really have licked the problem.

A second option might be to try to fix the 360 yourself. There are ebooks and video tutorials on how to fix the problem yourself. Of course if you don’t have any experience in electronics then you most likely should not undertake to fix the problem yourself. However with multiple message boards and forums dealing specifically with this issue, you should be able to get going.

A viable third option would be to send the console back to Microsoft. Microsoft will fix the console anytime within 3 years of purchase, so chances are you still are under warranty. If however you’ve cracked the case yourself, or had other work done on the console then you’ll have no choice but to pay the price Microsoft demands. Currently they charge $140 if you send them an xbox 360 out of warranty.

Fourth, you could send it to an independent firm to fix it. These repairs run roughly $99 or more to get them fixed, although most of them at least have a 90 day warranty. It’s definitely an option to consider.

There are plenty of choices to fix your ailing xbox 360. It depends on which choice you choose on what your results may be. It’s worth it though based upon the excellent quality of gaming we can get on the 360. Now if there were only a way to get a blueray drive on the 360.

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