Must Have Business Process Outsourcing Company Check List

by Darron Skinner-Martin

Managing offshore staff can be extremely difficult without the use of business process outsourcing companies (BPO companies). BPO companies are essential to the growth and development of the world’s economy. Due to an ever changing global community the use and management of offshore staff is integral to your business. The competitive advantages available to your organization have never been greater provided your management tools are effective.

The whole world is aware of international trading. Goods and services are traded every minute of every day. You now have access to global labor hire talents thanks largely to the significant improvement of information communication and technologies. There are many advantages to business process outsourcing. There is the huge amounts of money saved on overhead costs as well as the actual cost of labor. Other benefits can include the creation of jobs on a global scales and the ability for your business to reach and touch the lives of people all around the world.

Offshore outsourcing is driven by new business technologies. These technological advancements in mobile phones, fast internet speeds and the significant reduction in personal computers and laptops has made BPO a very real possibility for the majority of businesses. However, for all the good technology provides there is a sinister side. All businesses using outsourcing should ensure they are managing and using there offshore staff in a safe manner. Business process outsourcing companies provide the information to manage your offshore staff effectively.

There are at least 10 things that any BPO company that is worth its salt will do or provide for a business that seeks help with managing its offshore staff.

1. Legally binding contracts to protect your Intellectual Property and Proprietary Knowledge.

2. Training staff can be difficult without the use of screen share technologies. By being able to see your offshore staffs PC screen (or they can see your screen) you are able to show exactly what you want staff to do.

3. You need to be able to see your offshore staffs computer screen. With PC screen snap shots you can monitor both work load and performance every 5 or 10 minutes.

4. All time sheets monitored by HR departments. These time sheets need to indicate the start and end times as well as any lunch breaks offshore staff may need.

5. Being able to monitor and manage offshore staff requires knowledge of their internet connection status. In developing countries this can be problematic as internet status can drop in and out during poor weather patterns.

6. Being able to have instant communication is integral when using offshore staff. Ensure your business process outsourcing company has set rules on instant chat and the amount of time staff have to get back to you.

7. HR Management to look after all the things like payroll, compliance issues between countries, sick days, someone to speak with if there’s a troubleshooting need, etc.

8. Work-flow so you can actualize priorities and explain work while giving deadlines and expectations that are realistic.

9. The use of web cams can increase communication and interaction between you and your offshore staff.

10. The use of a phone is essential to managing offshore staff. VoIP can be used extremely and the standard of the connection needs to be high.

BPO companies are essential in reducing your risk when using offshore staff. By using these 10 strategies and tools you will ensure working with offshore staff is almost as risk free as working with local in house staff.

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