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by Dai1952

Google was a handy source of references to a law school student whose thesis was on money laundering. As a resource, this tool was very advantageous to the student during the writing of her paper. A couple months after beginning her project, the student became distressed to discover that her trusty search engine began leading her to a web page unrelated to money laundering.

A search engine glitch, or a problem with the internet connection, would not have explained the reoccurring nature of the glitch and therefore, she was certain she had been bugged. It is human nature to not enjoy being bugged, but when the offenders come in the form of other humans, we can fend them off. In contrast, the law school student was faced with adware and spyware bugs, whose attacks are difficult to fend off. The law school student was definitely not an advanced student of technology, as she typically only used her computer for school related purposes of research and writing.

Unfortunately, her case was incredibly common, as there are many people who fall prey to harmful and annoying problems known as spyware and adware. Used sparingly since its initial conception in 1995, ‘spyware’ as a term became a more popular term staring in 2000. This name refers to software programs or scripts that can infiltrate a personal computer and access a user’s personal information.

Keystrokes, browsing history, and the contents of a hard drive all provide this valuable information. Though spyware employs the kind of methodology that sounds like it came out of a James Bond movie, anyone can be a victim. Infiltrations such as these are basic privacy violations and the people targeted are indeed innocent victims.

Spyware may help track criminals and their activities, but this type of program is used far more often for such vile activities as tracking credit card information from unsuspecting victims. Anti-spyware programs that are kept updated are essential for any computer user.

As they are similarly harmful programs, malware and adware should be blocked along with spyware. It is not difficult to find, online, many helpful spyware and adware blocker programs. Blockers are a great resource because they forbid any future downloads of these nasty bugs and clean up and discard your system of current ones.

Though they are not self replicating like viruses or worms, spy-ware, ad-ware and malware can be equally annoying to computer users who do not like their interferences with their daily routines. Frequently, the ‘harmless’ spying can result in slowing down the entire computer system so that running the system or any of its programs takes forever. Nothing is worse than a crime that goes without punishment, but many spyware programs are able to evade detection. Because of the nasty nature of the infiltration programs, it is always best to have a great blocker to prevent the infections from happening.

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