The 24 Hour Google Chrome Experiment

by Jimmie Kim

Google is taking the world by storm AGAIN with it’s release of a new internet browser called Chrome. It’s a completely new browser unlike anything seen before, and it’s downloadable now in its beta form.

Just so we can be clear because the browser is in it’s first version, and is a beta version, the program does have some faults. It has some lock up issues, and things don’t always work as intuitvely as one would think.

However, for a first shout out of the gate, it is pretty darn good.

As with all things Google, the application is simple and light. The reason why google trumped Yahoo and other search engines is because their interface was very uncluttered, and it just flat out worked better. The same can be said about Google Chrome.

My first impressions while first using Google Chrome is that it is very lightweight and uncluttered. One of my major problems with Internet Explorer is that it tends to be very slow and cumbersome. Firefox is just plain faster, and Opera is faster than them all. Google Chrome is probably somewhere around the speed of Firefox, but with some tweaking should offer pretty good speed.

Another thing I noticed is the footprint is smaller. I opened up one tab with a page with no graphics in IE only to have it use up over 60MB of memory, Firefox took up around 20MB, and Chrome was running around 14MB. That means there’s less overhead. When dealing in multiple tabs this can make a huge difference.

Another huge plus to Google’s Chrome that isn’t quite evident yet is that they allow third-party plug-ins. That’s what makes Firefox so great, is that it is highly customizable. There are plug-ins for about everything. Once Chrome starts to gain more popularity the number of plug-ins developed should help this make a viable competitor.

One thing that is very annoying is waiting while updating/viewing pages. Chrome does a great job of creating a very fast browser with even less lag than other previous speed demons like Firefox.

One of the chief aims of Chrome is to expand the reach of javascript, and put almost everything within reach of the browser. If Google gets their way, soon we’ll be editing all of our documents, sending email and spending most of our computer time online using their browser. As a person who really enjoys using Google Docs, I’m quite sure that there will be some takers on this grand scheme.

All in all, it was a good first effort from Google. I like their browser, it has potential. I probably won’t make the switch as I really, really like all the Firefox plug-ins that I use, but I could see making the change in the future. And at the very least, hopefully new innovations will help Microsoft and Mozilla to adopt better innovations in their products as well, and then we all benefit.

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