The Dell XPS m1330: Best Laptop of 2008

by Fabian Toluse

When it comes to personal computers Dell reigns supreme. A string of positive reviews are the cornerstone of this intercontinental company based in Round Rock, Texas. Dell sells, supports, and manufactures computers and computer-related products, employing approximately 88,000 people worldwide!

The company started during the burgeoning personal computing market of the 1980s. Soon, Dell became one of the largest PC and server sellers, challenging giants like IBM, Gateway, and Hewlett Packard throughout the 1990s. Currently, it trails just behind HP, while Fortune magazine ranked Dell as the 25th-largest company in their Fortune 500 list.

Michael Dell, armed with a notion and about $1000, started his company in an off-campus dorm, Dobie Hall, at the University of Texas at Austin. Now, the quaint dorm is a two-story mall, complete with a movie theater and a host of restaurants and specialty stores. Dell grew from an online distributor to a colossus capable of buying Compaq in 1999. The company expanded to include a new assembly plant near Winston-Salem, NC in 2004, and even purchased the popular computer hardware manufacturer, Alienware, in 2006.

Dell currently offers a business class of computers (OptiPlex, Latitude, and Precision) that boast of long life cycles, reliability, and ruggedness. On the home front, Dell has emphasized value, performance, and expandability with its popular Inspiron and XPS brands. One of the best of the home computers is the Dell XPS m1330 which is considered one of the eminently portable models with an LED-backlit screen and unmatched performance.

The Dell XPS m1330 is slim and easy to carry, with all of the cutting edge features that make Dell a premiere manufacturer. It is jam-packed with all the technology a notebook can carry, starts at a fairly inexpensive price, and has a reasonable upgrade path. This computer is considered by many to be a joy to use, and multimedia enthusiasts will be happy with its respectable capabilities. Meanwhile, Dell marches forward on the shoulders of such gems as the Dell XPS m1330.

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