What Kind Of Computer Do I Need To Create Video?

by Jimmy Jotchnik

Just ten years ago it was very difficult to produce videos with any sort of creative flair. Now with more powerful computers, it’s become even easier for the layman to create Hollywood style videos. Of course in many cases the computer you are using will dictate how easy it is to create videos. If you are using an older computer, you might be bogged down while trying to create videos. Why not examine your computer critically to verify that you can create videos easily and efficiently with your current system.

First, you should look at how old your computer is. A bottom of the line computer that you can purchase in 2008 will be more powerful than the most expensive computer available in 1998. It’s important that you get an accurate gauge on how old your computer is to tell how likely it will be that you’ll be able to produce videos with it.

Second, is the video card. This is a very critical part of your video processing, as even innocuous tasks can take much longer with a sub standard video card. A newer video card with lots of onboard fast video memory is essential. Many of the most modern cards come with 256MB or 512MB or more, which can be a great help while processing videos.

Third, find out how much memory is installed in the computer. Just a few years ago 512MB was pretty standard in computers. But, for video processing, it’s best if you have between 2-4GB of memory. Also make sure you get high quality memory as that can make a pretty big difference in the speed and reliability in the work you perform, especially for memory intensive tasks like video processing.

Fourth, is the speed of the computers processor. This is the main workhorse of every system. You’ll have to have a pretty fast processor to handle all the intensive calculations involved in working with video. As long as you’re working with a processor that has come out in the last 2-3 years, you should have enough power.

Fifth, how much hard drive space do you have? Videos take up a ton of space. So, you’ll want to maintain a pretty large hard drive so that you can keep track of all of the videos that you have created. These days it’s not uncommon for high end computers to have 1,000GB’s or more(also known as a Terrabyte). For most common users at the very minimum a 250GB Hard Drive would be a necessity.

We’ve tried to maintain the order of importance in the above list. In the end however it’s a balancing act between economical upgrades versus the viability of purchasing a brand new computer anyway.

If you’re going to be processing videos on your computer, it’s essential that you have a fast, efficient machine. By making sure you’ve started with a capable machine, you’ll be much more likely to create beautiful videos with less stress. Just following these quick and easy steps should help you along that journey.

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