You Got a Dell, Dude

by Fabian Toluse

Dell, Inc., based in Texas and currently employing 88,000 people worldwide, has been growing since the 1980s. While product branding and advertising slogans are part-and-parcel of any international company, no one expected the success and lasting recognition of the “Gotta Get A Dell” advertisements. Recently, Dell computers sales through QVC and their own website have been fueled by blogging recommendations that continue to use the phrase. “Gotta Get a Dell” is still making its rounds through the blogosphere today.

Michael Dell took his nothing company from a local business to the 25th position in Fortune’s 500. The company is now 8th in Fortune’s Top 20 list of most admired companies in the United States. Dell has always embraced experimentation and expansion. In 2002, Dell opened kiosk locations in shopping malls to give personal service to their customers and answer questions. They were soon closed after Dell was invited to sell their computers at such retail giants as Wall-Mart, Best Buy, and Staples.

Dell ran into trouble with their competitors for claiming their Latitude D360 and D380 laptops were the “world’s most secure laptops.” The National Advertising Division released a report in late June 2008 determining that while Dell could not make that claim, they could advertise that it was the first in the industry to combine third party components in creating secure systems for large businesses. Dell decided to discontinue the campaign.

With regards to the environment, Dell was the first computer firm to establish a product-recycling goal in 2004. As a result, the National Recycling Coalition awarded Dell its “Recycling Works” award. They have set the goal to become the greenest technology company on Earth, launching a zero-carbon initiative with the intention to reduce Dell’s carbon intensity by 15% by 2012. All the more reason why you “Gotta get a Dell.”

Dell produces a variety of laptops and desktop computers. Their attention to quality and detail is evident in their Dell Inspiron 1420. It is a modestly priced laptop available in a variety of colors, from Jet Black to Sunshine Yellow. It uses an Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390, comes loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, a 320GB SATA hard drive, CD/DVD writer, Dell Wireless, lithium battery, high-def audio 2.0 and more. This, again, why you “Gotta Get A Dell!

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