Beading Projects – 5 Easy And Interesting Halloween Season Designs

Halloween is fast becoming the most important holiday in the country, presently second only to Christmas, and the holiday really outranks Christmas with respect to money spent on decorations, food, and drink (the reigning champion of holiday party spending is, and possibly always will be, New Year’s, but Halloween is a solid second!). So if you’re looking for exciting Halloween beading projects to “spookify” things next October 31, then keep reading and we’ll outline five fun Halloween beading projects you can make an attempt! Or, if you’re going down the plan of selling the fruits of your bead craft labor, you will find a large and waiting market for the designs you create!

1 – Jack o’Lanterns – The standard, beadwork style! You can utilize seed beads of several shades of oranges and yellows (on a black setting if you’re looking to create something larger), to hang on the canopy or as a dressing to the patio railing. Involve the kids by having them plan out the faces!

2 – Black Cats – A simple cat silhouette can be the basis for a pattern (all black seed beads, or black combined with a smattering of silver for amazing effect), with the option of using larger beads for the eyes. These can be kept relatively simple or can become a dramatically more sophisticated beading project, but even the simplest patterns can make quite a dramatic statement!

3 – Witches – You could do a simple bust pattern or a full figure representation of a witch on a broomstick, depending on your overall skill level. These are entertainment to make, and make excellent designs, but tend to be more involved compared to either of the projects above.

4 – Dangling Skeletons – Obviously the most challenging of the projects stated here, these can be made of any size you wish, but certainly smaller is better from a “time to complete” viewpoint. If you don’t like to worry over designing an actual skeletal design, you can weave a skeletal form onto a black background, for example, the size of a square drink coaster and still have a beautiful piece to embellish with!

5 – Candy Corns – These aren’t spooky, but certainly match the season, and are most fun when made as 3-dimensional shapes. I would not encourage going much over two inches high, or they’ll take excessively long to complete, but due to their relatively simple structure, this is another task that’s wonderful to involve the children in!

As you can see based on the five ideas given above, there are all kinds of exciting holiday beading projects you can sink your teeth into, and this list just barely scratches the surface of the beading projects out there, so whether you intend to use them to beautify your own home, or sell what you produce, it’s time to get creating!

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