Collaboration Fiction Is Increasingly Becoming Popular

This is a type of writing where several people join efforts to control the flow of a story. Collaboration fiction is quickly taking root in various sectors hence becoming more acceptable. There are several reasons as to why people could prefer co-workers when coming up with a book or doing research. Some of the reasons are for commercial gain, it can be a source of recreation and a way of taking part in education.

It can also be defined as a group of people writing together. This definition is more acceptable globally because it takes the assumption that all written works are a product of two or more authors. This is true and is evidenced by the fact that writers borrow ideas and language from past writings.

This form of writing is very essential in classroom. It promotes learner centered program in institutions. In collaborative classroom learning the instructor changes is role from expert to mentor. The work of professor becomes to provide opportunity for learners to take responsibility in active and collaboration learning.

There are legal aspects of this fiction that should be taken into consideration when a group decides to cooperate to control a story or come up with a book. The challenges of joint writing include delays, pressure from the partners, one party having other commitments hence giving little time to the project, if a partner feels bored by the project or one of the members lose interest within the process of drafting the book. It is advisable that whenever writers combine efforts they have an agreement that deals with termination of the partnership, terms to part ways and provide who retains the right to the property.

Collaborative writing has enhanced community participation in research and writing. For instance in the year 2008, Dave Eggers was honored for his outstanding 826 projects. The projects that he come up with had been a result of combined effort of groups, community and school children.

Recreational collaborative writing has taken root in the recent periods and has been enhanced by the advent of internet. This type of writing is open and there are no particular guidelines on how it should be passed to people. An example is writing games that engages cooperation from different people.

In joint writing the type of partners you choose to work with are very essential. When finding a co-worker in this field it is vital to check on commitment and interest of a person. According to Michael Perilstein an author; co- workers in this field determine your experience in the whole process and the quality of the book. Partners are there to share new tips and ideas.

It is necessary that one works well with his partners towards quality output. Here are two main strategies that one can employ to achieve this; respect their strengths and also understand their weaknesses.

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