Food Selection For Healthy Vending Machines

Two things that do not really go together are vending machines and a healthy eating habit. Now that obesity has become quite a major issue among children, there have been many parents growing worried about the types of foods they are providing their children. While parents prepare healthier selections, schools have also started to step up and provide snack or meal options which benefit the health. They do this through providing cambridge healthy vending food selections.

Among the best food selections that benefit health are products made from enriched whole grains. These do not only contain fiber but are low on saturated fats as well. They contain iron with B vitamins and also have limited amounts of fats, often below five grams. Food products with lots of saturated fats can be causes of coronary artery diseases and hence, should be avoided. Healthier choices are grain-based bars and chips, muffins, snack breads and crackers.

You may also want to prefer getting vegetables as well as fruits. This is because they contain vitamins A and C. They also come with nutrients and fiber. Consider eating dried fruits as part of your meal. You might also want to pair these up with beverages made of fruits and vegetables. Limit your juice intake to 250 milliliters though, which is equivalent to eating two fruit servings. You might also want to try out fruit sauces and canned fruits.

There are many vending machines providing low fat milks as well as yogurts. These products can be good for your health as they contain both vitamin D and calcium. Children, most especially, are the ones most in need of calcium since they are growing individuals. Intake amount can be reduced gradually, as they grow. You may opt getting fortified soy beverages, flavored milk and milk puddings as well.

There are some machines that also offer breakfast selections. These usually contain prepackaged, individual servings of oatmeal, hot cereals, cold cereals and breakfast bars. Sugary cereals may sometimes be offered, but those who are maintaining healthy diets may want to lay off these selections.

Granola, a healthy treat consisting of ingredients like fruit nuts, rolled oats and honey, may be a good choice as well. Fruits, as well as rolled oats, promote easy digestion. Antioxidants that help in strengthening the body immune systems are contained in these products. However, one should exercise moderation when taking in this food product as it is high on sugar.

People may want to choose leaner fish, meat and poultry when buying off from vending machines. Ham and turkey sandwiches are great choices. The same goes for lentils, beans and dried peas. All these are great sources for vitamin B as well as iron. They are also known to be low on sodium. Because a growing number of people have been diagnosed with nut allergies, peanuts might be rarely offered nowadays.

Good food choices are products containing low fat, saturated fat and sodium. Those that contain vitamins and minerals would be great options as well. Baked chips, pretzels and plain popcorn may be considered. People may also want to prefer getting water as this is considered the healthiest choice of beverage yet.

Foods made available in cambridge healthy vending machines may be regulated in some states. In hawaii for example, nutritious food and healthier drink options are only sold off. California may also be running on standards allowing only the sale of food products with less than ten percent saturated fat.

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