Knowing More About Boob Art

Boob art is the latest sensation in town when it comes to matters of fine painting. Its existence has been of recent times, and still evolving to other levels. It focuses mainly on the feminine aspect of human beings with women round the world being the most interested. The widely known types are tattooing on the breasts and drawing of the boobs.

Both tattooing and painting are the main ones in this art though; some minor ones are in existent too. This article will analyze all these as far as breasts are concerned. Boobs drawing make use of paints and brushes for the artist to come up with images of these female parts of a body. These pictures are printed on boards or even clothes that people wear with short messages written beneath or over them.

In this category, women would wish to have their breasts painted. They visit an artist with this aim of having their real stuffs drawn. Such a gesture involves them stripping their upper part of body for the painter to look at the size and shape of their breasts for perfect images. Here, those who are shy of undressing their chests find it a hard task.

On the other hand, tattooing is another emerging issue when it comes to boobs painting. This entails drawing images or names of loved ones on the breast of the woman. It is common with the women of today. She is the one who selects the type of image to be drawn. They include those of animals, names, instruments and many others.

Tattooing is painful to some extent. This is because; it uses pointed needles and permanent ink. Since the breast is a sensitive part of the feminine body, it may bear serious aches to the person being tattooed. Regardless of this, others under go through it quite well as they view such pain as minute. When the whole process is completed, the tattoo cannot be removed from the breast.

There are various reasons for using these two methods. The most common one is the issue of raising awareness against cancer of the breasts. This is a killer disease in women which has taken many lives in this twenty first century. Gynecologists use this method to pass on such messages. With the incorporation of breast paintings, many view this criterion as most effective in passing on such kind of messages.

All in all, others are merely as an appreciation of women in society. The breasts are sensitive parts of their body which sustain infants to greater maturity. In this regard, a small painting with a few inscriptions on it could be sufficient enough to pass on such messages of love and gratitude.

In the conclusion of this article, there is an emergence of a new type of boob art which does not entail drawing. It is called breasts slapping. This is done by a professional with the aim of expanding the boobs. It is the perfect alternative to plastic operation. In this case, it is purely natural with energetic kneading of the chest. It is an effective method for use.

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