Oil Paintings – How To Construct Your Masterpiece

by Jerry Carpos

Oil paintings require several considerations before an artist can begin. Knowing which brushes to use for the paintings is important, in addition to lighting, ventilation and more. It is common for most artists to be satisfied with their profession. Anyone who has an interest in painting as a hobby or a profession should consider these specific factors if they want to be successful.

It is important not to use cheap brushes when painting. This is because a cheap set of brushes will only shed the bristles on the canvas. It is common for an artist to find themselves picking out bristles of the paint. When this happens it can ruin the painting. Anyone who wants to paint should think about investing in a really good set of brushes for their oil paintings. The best brushes that can be used for painting include a variety of flat brushes and a few small round brushes for detailing.

A good set of nylon brushes might be added to your collection also. When using acrylic paint as a base, most painters prefer using the nylon brushes. Nylon brushes should only be used with this type of paint. Nylon brushes should never be used with oil paintings using oil paint. Artists commonly take advantage of using acrylic on their oil paintings as an under painting because of how quick this paint dries. It saves them a lot of time in the long run. Oil paint will be applied directly over the acrylic when it is dry.

Paint brushes also must be taken care of properly. Experienced painters know how to take care of their brushes used for oil paintings. Expensive brushes will have greater longevity when they are taken care of properly. If brushes are not cleaned and stored properly they will need to be replaced. Paint brush cleaners and preservers should be used to clean the paint brushes.

When painting with oil paints it is important to have appropriate lighting. When the lighting in the studio is poor an artist will only strain their eyes. Natural light provides the best light for painting. Light coming in from the windows of a room usually provides the best natural light. The natural light coming from the outdoors is usually preferred which is why most artists like to have a makeshift studio outside. If there isn’t enough light in a room while painting oil paintings can look significantly different when exposed to natural light. It only strains the eyes when there is insufficient lighting in a studio.

When creating oil paintings ventilation in the room is another important factor. Oil painting thinners and cleaners are used by most artists in the studio when painting artwork in a studio. The chemicals in these types of things are very toxic. People with respiratory problems have problems breathing when they use improper ventilation. Eyes watering and other problems will occur when exposed to the fumes of these chemicals. Opening the windows and doors are very important when it comes to providing the proper ventilation..

When an artist paints oil paintings, he or she must consider many things. Always use a good set of paint brushes and not a cheap brand that will fall apart. Use nylon brushes when painting with acrylic. Paint brushes should be cleaned and stored properly. Proper lighting and ventilation in the studio ensures good vision and lungs.

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