The Essential Guide On How To Get Free Cell Phone Service

If you have been racking your brains with questions of how to get free cell phone service, take heart because there are many options available today. The rise of smartphones capable of running instant messaging applications enable users to make free calls on the network. However, this guide addresses the more traditional cellular services. The government has for many years supported disadvantaged people make calls, even before the advent of modern cellular networks.

The United States government operates Lifeline Assistance, a program that provides free cell phone calls and texting to eligible consumers. What you get in the package includes access to a cell phone service without charges, a phone and a set number of minutes every month. There are no monthly charges, contracts or recurrent fees.

It is imperative that the applicant to the Lifeline Assistance program has an address to which the cell phone will be sent to by mail. By default, the program does not accept P. O. Boxes as valid mailing addresses. In addition to this, you are required to have documentation that attests to the fact that you are on a government assistance program like food stamps. You should also make your application on an eligible carrier’s website.

Begin you application process by visiting the website of your preferred carrier and click on the Lifeline Assistance link. After this step, you will need to verify your zip code before proceeding to fill other details in the application process. The zip code is important in order to establish if the cellular service provider covers the area around your home. If this is not the case, you may have to look for another approved cellular provider to apply.

AS with all online data submissions, you need to ensure that your browser is connecting securely and therefore your personal information is safeguarded from prying eyes. You can tell if your browser connection is secure enough by how the address (URL) is prefixed. If this is a plain ‘http’ prefix, you have reasons to be concerned. If the prefix is an ‘https’ instead, you can be certain that the connection is encrypted for security.

Among the personal details that a Lifeline Assistance applicant needs to provide are their social security number and street address. The system will use these details to verify if the applicant is already enrolled for Lifeline Assistance through another cellular network. In such a case, the application will be rejected.

If the applicant passes the two preliminary verification steps, they will be redirected to a section of the website where their assistance eligibility details are taken. Here the applicant will need to prove that they are already in a form of government assistance program such as HUD, Food Stamps or public assistance.

There is another option that is just as effective for those looking for options on how to get free cell phone service in the United States. This is provided to offer alternatives for those whose families have an income that is considered significantly low. Lifeline Service is open for people with an income lower than 135% of the state’s guidelines on poverty and social security.

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