The World Of Water Color Artists

The first recognition of water color artists was around the medieval period. They produced opaque illustrations coupled with gold leaf. Around the late 1400s, an artist by the name of Albrecht Durer began using and developing watercolor on a larger scale.

He recognized the effect of producing larger versions of these paintings. He made use of the wash technique. This brought out the highlights of his work. These areas of color were mostly flat in appearance. They were watered down and lighter more brighter colors were derived.

Every country can boast of having painters that have created beautiful pieces using this medium. Some of them have become known worldwide. They each have captured something that reflects their culture and its people, and this is the perfect paint to use.

Visual artists choose this way of creating landscapes more often than any other. They could produce other paintings they had done much more quickly, and it was not hard to do. In fact, the general population sought out this kind of painting more often.

Some of the best landscape artists came out of this golden age of painting. One such artist is Claude Lorrain. Born around 1604 his work is herald as masterful. In fact he is referred to as being the master of the perfect landscape.

Richard Wasike is a Ugandan artist who makes his home in Nairobi, Kenya. He was born in 1963 on the Ugandan border of Kenya. At the age of five his father discovered he had a natural talent for art. He was encouraged by his father to create beautiful African landscapes.

His painting of Three Maasai Moran, captures the powerful majesty of the Maasai against the Savanna plains. Another title Maasai at Sunset shows the range of beauty and his ability to capture it.

Here in the United States we find Cheng Knee Chee creating watercolors with contemporary style. He includes many different ways of using this form of painting. He has equal skill and confidence using Chinese dry brush as he does using traditional techniques.

He has also developed a technique that is simply called splash color. This method employs the wet process that lets the artist pull shapes out of the negative areas of the work. His specialty include painting Koi and birds. His work translates the richness of color and the depth of the image.

The base for watercolors is water soluble. In the past the way they were made caused them to lose some of their brilliance over time. The pigments that held them together were not strong enough to keep the color. It was because of this issue that many people lost their desire for them.

Over the years this problem has been eliminated. The modern versions are more stable, and they are able to keep their brilliance throughout. In addition, they can produce a variety of very interesting finishes. This gives the modern day artist variation and limitless possibility.

There many more water color artists than can be described here. Every artist at some point has tried his or her hand at this forgiving and powerful medium. These artists are always finding new ways to express the world as it is seen from their perspective.

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