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by Gibson Maseko

The first audio book was devised by J. P. Harrington in 1933 so they are not a new innovation. They are available in many formats, including CDs and cassette tapes, but the latest developments mean you can download them from online stores. Audio books are easy to download.

Delight in a new novel or discover new things by downloading the audio edition of a novel. There are all sorts of titles available, from non-fiction to romance and more with plenty of places to go online to find them. They are cheaper than the original publication of a book, and often less than the softcover one too! Free versions are quite easy to find – there are many available online which can be downloaded at no cost.

Libraries offer these downloads too, and for books that have been published before 1923, or at 95 years before the most recent January, they are in the public domain and so are free. Royalties are no longer paid for books in the public domain so they may be shared freely.

Click your mouse to begin the download of the audio books. Online bookstores are easy to discover by searching for them on the internet. Following registration with an internet retailer downloading audio books will become very easy. Click the download button when you’ve selected the books that you wish to hear.

Click the download button when you’ve chosen the books that you want to listen to. A completed audio book download can be listened to from your computer, by burning it onto a disc or by putting the file onto your mp3 player.

Most people have very little spare time and are too busy to sit down long enough to read a story, but this is not an issue if you download audio books. Audio books are readily available, cost-effective and a quality way to promote to your children some of the greatest books ever written. The best way to enjoy a good story if you are in a rush is to download them and this way you can also learn a new skill. Don’t forget many libraries provide free audio books and free downloads of audio books are easy to find if you look for them.

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