Benross Ltd Discuss The Growing Market Of Wholesalers

Retailers order in their new stock as they realise that they don’t have the stock they need for customers. This can be stressful for retailers but there usually isn’t enough time to constantly keep an eye on stock levels. This means that retailers need a quick way to order their stock from wholesalers whenever they are free.

Wholesalers have to be willing to provide a number of different products to a number of different retailers. The reason for this is because they want to get as much business as possible, and they won’t get this if they only cater to a specific market. Many wholesalers supply to a range of retailers and stock products for all kinds of markets.

Wholesalers need to be able to adapt to how other businesses work in order to stay current and secure the business of loyal retailers. With so many businesses moving online there is an urgent need for wholesalers to start selling their stock online and making it available for ordering 24 hours a day.

If retailers were stocked directly from manufacturers then it would take a long time for them to change around all of the stock in their shops. Having several deliveries in one day wouldn’t work for a retailer, and so they would have to gradually introduce new stock into their store, but this would not be as effective as completely changing the stock for a new season.

Customers need wholesalers in order to shop. Without wholesalers, customers would be going directly to manufacturers for their goods, and this can mean increased prices because customers won’t be able to go anywhere else.

Without wholesalers in the loop retailers wouldn’t get a great deal on their stock, and customers would have to end up paying more for the goods they regularly purchase. As long as wholesalers are there to start off the chain from manufacturer to customer, then everyone will get a great deal on their purchases.

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