5 Tips to Ace your Next Exam

Are you stress out by exams? The majority of students will most likely say that exams can be a very nerve-racking part of student life. Some parents may even be more pressured than their child when exams approaches!

How come students feel stress when assessments are near? It could be they are uncertain of what is likely to come out for the exam. Or perhaps it could be that they believe they haven’t done enough.

How do you relieve this stress when tests are near? The answer to that is preparation, and lots of it. With proper preparation, you will feel sure and get through exams with a breeze. The best students understand this and employ it. Each and every exam question is but a repetition of what they did in practice.

Some students often ponder whether top students invest more time studying. Usually, they don’t. They’ve got the same 24 hours as everyone else. They’re just more productive and effective. They know how and when to work with their time to revise. Are you able to do the same too? Here are some ideas which our top tutors have for students for revision:

Shut off your online access during revision. In the present age, the greatest distraction for students is the web. There are lots of activities to do on the internet, Facebook, Youtube, shopping online etc. Shutting out unnecessary distractions is probably the most effective ways we know to focus on revision.

Teach your friends that which you learnt. Teaching someone will give you a greater comprehension than studying from textbooks. In order to teach someone what you have learnt, it means you need to understand the subject thoroughly.

We advise studying with a friend and teach one another to evaluate your understanding. In time, you could find out areas of the subject which you unnoticed.

Revise in small blocks of Thirty minutes. Most pupils have the attention length of about 30 minutes. After that, they could find themselves wandering on the web for leisure. This generally results in one more hour of unproductive time. Dedicate yourself to 30 mins of effective studying, and have a Five To Ten minute break to reward yourself.

Set daily targets. Many students let time slip through their fingers, and discover they do not have time to study. When questioned where did all the time go, they are not able to offer a satisfactory answer. By setting daily targets on what you wish to achieve for the day, it keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Jot down that which you learnt. How frequently do you remember something which you’ve just read? The majority of pupils believe that by reading, they will manage to remember what they’ve learnt. They then realize that they have forgotten the things they studied for in the exam. You can begin absorbing more by writing down everything you have learnt, either in an overview or mind map form. This increases preservation of information.

We hope that these 5 tips will serve you well in your coming tests!

The author is a full time tutor and dedicates his time to teaching home tuition in Singapore. He offers free help to children who wish to excel in their academics. If you would like to see what home tuition can do for you, be sure to visit TuitionKing now.

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