Academic Regalia Hats 101

A graduation cap is one of the most commonly seen garments throughout a graduation ceremony. It sits upon the head of each candidate for graduation, that helps determine which among the crowd a recipient of a diploma is. A graduation cap is additionally known as an academic regalia hat. The tradition of wearing academic regalia hats dates back from the middle ages where the students from certain colleges were needed to wear such garment in order for them to be identified as students. To know even more about this emblematic garment, here is some info that one should learn about the different kinds of academic regalia hats that are commonly used in every graduation ceremony.

1. The Mortarboard

The mortarboard is actually one of the most typically seen graduation cap. Its appeal includes a flat horizontal square that is tactically put above a stiff head. The product used for the head cap is called a mortar board. Its product enables the cap to snuggly fit unto the head of the graduate. The square is specifically placed as a diamond. It is then finished off by affixing a graduation tassel at the topmost portion of the cap. The graduation tassel is available in different colors, and is considered as one of the sole indication of which school or college the candidate for graduation belongs to.

The tassel can be of the color green, which shows the graduate to be a part of the college of medication, the color orange, which indicates the graduate to belong to the college of engineering, or the color pink, which determines the graduate to be from the college of new music. There are a range of colors offered with their matching colleges. The tail of the tassel is usually left to hang at the side of the academic regalia hats. It is positioned at either the right hand side, or the left hand side. Its position depends upon the university’s decision. Academic regalia hats vary in different sizes. The size depends upon the user. Smaller sized variations of the cap are normally used by kindergarten graduates. The bigger variation of the graduation caps are the ones used during elementary, high school, and college graduation.

2. The Tam

Another type of academic regalia hat is called the graduation tam or the university tam. This kind of graduation cap is used by the candidates from the Doctoral or the Masters course. These academic regalia hats are bigger in appeal, and are made up of velvet structure, typically in the color of black. Instead of a flat square top, the look of the topmost portion of the tam is typically soft and also resembles the form of a square. It also sits upon a mortarboard, but that of another type of mortarboard that is called a “folded skull”. It differs from that of an inflexible skull in a sense that it is soft and bendable, unlike the stiff skull that maintains its hardness.

It is constantly a joy when one gets the possibility to wear these types of garment during graduation day. Undoubtedly, every effort needs to always be rewarded. When the day of graduation comes, never forget to wear these academic regalia hats with pride.

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