Advantages On Using Google Docs For Educators Professional Development

Ever since it has started, Google docs has been considered as one great contribution to make the discussions of teachers become more efficient and effective. One best example for this is to let the students make their papers from Google Docs and by this, they will have the chance on helping the product improvement and also processing. For providing a more effective and efficient way to teach, installing WatchDoc is needed which is an extension for Chrome browser.

The use if this WatchDoc is displaying the notifications into the browser every time there is someone who will update a document that has been shared. Also, whenever the student will be making an essay by the use of this application, a teacher can directly check on the status of that particular student. And though teachers will need to sit facing the computer for a longer time, surely, it is still worth it since the Google Docs for educators professional development will not benefit only the educators themselves but as well as the students.

Students may not only improve their grades but may also teach them on their responsibilities being a student. This is because the educator can easily track their works and if ever they are heading to wrong direction, the educator can easily steer them back to the right one. The educators also have the right on writing down comments and these comments are sent directly to the collaborators.

The application would also let the educators send instant messages to some other parties who are in the document. So therefore, feedbacks can also be sent instantly. The students may also reply to the comments, and in this way, the editing processes will become a discussion instead of a lecture. Another important advantage of this is letting students share their works with their peers for editing.

The peer editing is one way of allowing the educators to check on the students discussion between some peers in the editing processes. The process may take longer so that the teacher will get used to it, thus, requiring an additional time, but through this, better feedback and better collaboration can be made, resulting to better writings.

There are ten main benefits of this for an education if the application is used. First, test and exam. There are Google forms to be used in creating examinations like questions which are based on texts and multiple choices as well. Second, time table and events. It used to schedule upcoming events and time tables and sharing it to public or selected users for providing information.

Third, discussion. Forums and groups are available as well where in tracking previous discussion and also those that are made recently may be done. Fourth, documentation. This is composed of many innovative features that would include embed gadgets, research, add on, etc. End users will be allowed on creating documents and sharing it with one or more users. Fifth, reports and presentations. Slides and sheets are provided for calculations and presentations.

Sixth is tutorials or webinar. These are the best ways for better learning and interaction. Seventh is feedback. Survey and feedback forms can be created from the students and parents.

Eighth is the control. Administrators have the right to control an entire setting for the application, sharing, and access. Ninth is having collaboration. Real time editing and sharing of documents may be done. Tenth is having communication. Users can easily communicate with colleagues through audio, video chat, text, or email.

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