Air cabin crew members: a summary of responsibilities & specifications

The majority of an air cabin crew member’s tasks are safety-related. There are a number of specific requirements for those who wish to become air cabin crew members.

An air cabin crew member has a range of responsibilities, most of these being related to passenger safety. Furthermore, air cabin crew also offer drinks and food to the passengers, and offer duty-free items for purchase.

Passenger safety

1. Pre-flight briefing

Prior to every flight, air cabin crew will attend a safety briefing with all the pilots and lead air cabin crew member.

2. Pre-flight safety check

The air cabin crew will conduct a check of all safety equipment prior to a flight.

3. Loading bags

Flight baggage is checked for weight, size as well as for any potentially dangerous items.

4. Safety demonstration

Air cabin crew have to conduct a safety demonstration prior to every flight, or monitor passenger viewing if there is a safety video in place.

5. Secure the cabin

The final job before takeoff is to make sure that all tray tables are folded up, all seats are in upright positions, arm rests are down, hand baggage is stored properly and seat belts are fastened.

6. Regular cabin inspections

Air cabin crew must listen for any unusual sounds and watch out for any unusual circumstances in flight.

7. Emergencies

Air cabin crew are trained to a high standard to deal with a wide range of emergencies. First Aid skills are very important.

Customer Service

1. Pre-flight briefing

Throughout this briefing, air cabin crew are informed on passengers with special requirements, and so will assist them in getting onto the aircraft.

2. Pre-flight responsibilities

The aircraft has to be clean and tidy before passengers start to board. Air cabin crew will also have to check all meals and stock are on board, and make certain that information supplied in seat pockets is up to date.

3. Welcome passengers on board

Air cabin crew should welcome passengers onboard, and be sure that they leave the aircraft safely at the end of the flight.

4. Serve in-flight refreshments

During the flight, air cabin crew will offer passengers a range of light refreshments such as drinks or snacks.

5. Offer duty-free products for purchase

Products such as cologne, cigarettes and alcohol are offered on board for passengers to buy. Air cabin crew will also inform them on allowance restrictions.

6. Post-flight responsibilities

Air cabin crew must clean and tidy the aircraft, and check there’s no luggage still left in over head lockers.

Air Cabin Crew Requirements

There’s a number of specific requirements for those who wish to become air cabin crew members. These include things such as having a passport, being in good health and being able to swim.


If applying as an air cabin crew member to an UK based airline, you then must provide proof of entitlement to live as well as work in the united kingdom, and also hold a current European union or United kingdom passport permitting worldwide travel without constraints.


Many airlines require that air cabin crew applicants have a minimum of four GCSEs at grade C or higher, two of these GCSEs being in English and Maths. If you don’t have these requirements but have gone through higher education, the majority of airlines will accept your air cabin crew application. Moreover, if you have excellent customer service skills and plenty of experience, your grades won’t make much difference to your application success.


If you wish to become an air cabin crew member, then good health is vital. If you’re successful in your application, you can more than likely expect to undergo a medical assessment. It is also worth noting that height and weight restrictions are in place, and additionally, in case your eye-sight isn’t perfect, you will then be expected to wear contacts or glasses.

Ability to swim

Successful air cabin crew candidates will have to show that they’re able to swim at least 25 metres, with a few airlines thirty.

Customer service experience

Airlines always make customers their highest priority, and so look for air cabin crew members who have had experience in customer service roles.

Nearly all UK airlines keep to the same hiring process. Air cabin crew applicants will have to send their CV/application form either online or in the post. Applicants will then be short-listed and invited for interview. The interview will usually be with two interviewers, and may require that the air cabin crew applicant conducts a brief presentation. English and Maths examinations will also have to be taken by the applicant.

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