An Introduction to Engineering Courses in India

Every year, there is a maddening rush for top engineering colleges in India. However, have you ever thought about what engineering represents as a subject?

Almost everything you see around, whether it is a sky scrapper, a metro rail, a shopping mall, a flyover bridge, roads, houses, cinemas, computers, vehicles etc are conceived, designed and manufactured by engineers. Engineering is one of the most important aspects of life and in almost every part of life engineering is used.

Engineering field has grown into a vibrant and diverse profession. Unlike other courses, as an engineer, you can touch almost all areas from telecommunications and computers to electronics and design. An engineer is simply a person who utilises certain engineering tools or tools of science and technology to design and manufacture new things and also understand existing things for human benefit.

Becoming a successful engineer is one of the most critical part and you need to be serious about your studies and career. There are various fields within the engineering profession. Most of the fields have some things in common. Engineers have a solid grasp on mathematics, technology, theories of mathematics, and scientific rules for specific fields. As an engineer you need to be extra curious and should have an inquisitive mind. Top Engineering Colleges in Pune

Engineering Courses offered among the top engineering colleges in India?
Under the umbrella of engineering in general come various streams like:
1. Electronics and Communication Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Computer Engineering
6. Industrial Engineering
7. Environmental Engineering
8. Chemical Engineering
9. Biomedical Engineering
10. Materials Engineering

(Within each of these streams are number of engineering niches which cater to various technology areas)

Opportunities For An Engineer

Students passing from the top engineering colleges in India rarely struggle to find good employment opportunities. Engineers find their jobs in a wide range of organisations, both in public sector as well as private sector. It is a well paid job and as an engineer you can work in various sectors like mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, medical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering etc. Depending on your qualification, experience and ability to take up different projects, you can work on different positions like site engineer, project engineer, deputy general manager, general manager, chief engineer etc.

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