Basic Information To Know About Act 48

Being a professional requires you to know a lot of things about the field you are working in. This knowledge must be continuously updated because more things are constantly being discovered and developed. Failing to do so would make you at a disadvantage and not being able to be competitive against others in the same field you are working in.

One example of professionals that needs continuous learning are teachers or educators that provided quality education to children. The PA act 48 requires them to maintain the active status of their certificates by undergoing 180 hours of professional development every five years. Failing to do so would make their status inactive and would not be able to work.

This can happen if the professional will not do anything to comply with the law and employed currently in a public school. They will be losing their teaching job and would not be allowed in being employed again in the same job unless the status has been reactivated. They are only allowed to work as a temporary substitute for only ninety days though.

Aside from completing the required hours for compliance, another way is using the collegiate credits gained in graduate or undergraduate schools or credits gained during continuing professional development. To combine the credits gained with the hours completed, a calculation of thirty hours equals one credit is being observed. There is a faster way in complying though which is online learning where various topics can be picked and downloaded to your computer directly.

You would be informed about your status at least twelve months before your certificates expires. Your employers would also be informed about this information so they can talk to you about how to comply with this. Your current address information must be up to date in the records of the department of education.

It is important to have the records updated so contacting you is easier regarding this and other related news. You also need to keep other information updated and not just your address, such as in cases of name changes. This information can be checked in the department of education website to make sure if they are updated.

There is an extension of the deadline for them to comply if they request for one because of extenuating circumstances. These may include medical disability, military duty, financial difficulties or others that are mentioned in the form. You can request for this extension online by completing the form available there.

You are also responsible in keeping record of hours and credits you gained during this period and monitor them. If there are any discrepancies with the records reported then it is also your responsibility to contact your providers to correct them. The department has no responsibility for monitoring them so any discrepancies will be your problem.

There are department approved providers where you could comply the requirements with. All carrying certificates in teaching public schools are notified even if they are not working in one. Private schools are not bound by law to ask their teachers to maintain an active status but some of them require their teachers to do so.

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