Certified Respiratory Therapist – How To Become One?

Respiratory therapist works under general practitioners to take up some key responsibilities for individual therapeutic care providers. Patients possessing difficulty with breathing or any kind of breathing problems can consult respiratory care providers. Further, patients suffering from acute or severe cardiac along with respiratory diseases can too consult respiratory therapists for treatments. Further, as a part of their job, respiratory therapist oversee functioning of the heart as well as lungs. Around the globe, respiratory therapists are also popularly referred to as respiratory practitioners. On an average, a respiratory practitioner works around 35 to 40 hours every week. Clinical practice of few years can help a respiratory therapist become certified respiratory therapist.

To choose a career as a certified respiratory therapist is a big decision to make. You will need to deal with seriously ill patients and nurse the feeble and dependant newborns laid low with a respiratory ailment. As a person, you need to have a firm determination, be patient and caring and have strong dedication towards this career. So the question is how does one become a certified respiratory therapist?

First, you will have to find those colleges or institutes, which provide a course in respiratory treatment. It would be better to take counseling from an education counselor for clarifying your doubts. You can also take the aid of several online resources. Choosing the subjects is a very important thing. The curriculum that you choose should be such that it would give you all the knowledge regarding several facets of respiratory systems. This will include structure of the human body, patient care as well as other related subjects. You will then require passing the certified respiratory therapist exam (also known as the CRT exam) after you finish your associate program of two years or after you receive bachelor’s degree. This is not the same as registered respiratory therapist exam (also known as RRT exam). They both fall under the authority of NBRC or the National Board for Respiratory Care. The question that appear in these exams, are standard in those 49 states for licensure, which are having this profession.

Here is some information on the actual exam. The question paper is made up of 160 multiple-choice problems. The three most important subject areas are experimental medical data, apparatus and remedial procedures. You have three hours to finish this entry-level CRT question paper. You can check supplementary FAQs on the NBRC website.

If any doubts for any tests that the NBRC conducts, you can visit their website and check out the Self-Assessment paper. This will enable you to understand how well you may perform and get familiar with the format of examination. Moreover, this would also help you check the requirements for minimum educational qualification, which you must have.

Further, as a certified respiratory therapist, you can earn handsomely. In fact, one can expect to earn immediately after getting the certification. However, as a fresher you can take away $ 40,000 each year, which may rise to about $60,000 every year. You may search Internet to find salary trends in different countries globally.

Want to become a respiratory therapist navigate to this website to learn more about respiratory therapy training, programs, requirements, and career.

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